If you or your child have problems sleeping due to congestion and coughing at night, increasing the moisture in the air can sometimes help. Moisture helps loosen up the mucus in the nose as well as decrease swelling in the nasal passages, which opens up the airways for breathing.

The main difference between vaporizers and humidifiers is that vap0rizers are meant to disperse warm steam and humidifiers are meant to disperse cool mist. However, it’s easier for cool mist humidifiers to grow mold and bacteria in the water than a vaporizer. On the other hand, due to the risk of burning, a vaporizer may be more dangerous to keep around the home, especially with young children around.

Whether you use a vaprozier or humidifier though, the extra moisture in the air can encourage mold on carpets and other surfaces, which is awful or asthma. If you see condensation (fog) form on the window or windowsill of your home, it’s too humid.

It is important to keep a vaporizer or humidifier meticulously clean.Water should be changed every day, and the machine should be cleaned regularly according to the instructions.

The good news? Doctors seem to agree that a vaporizer and humidifier work equally well when relieving cold, cough or allergy symptoms. Which one you choose to use is simply a matter of personal preference. It is up to you.

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Denise Gill is a medical transcriptioniist/writer who resides in Toronto, Ontario. For more of her articles, go to www.beautyinbalance.net