Vantage Tag Systems provides you the adaptability to build a custom resolution to match your course's precise requirements, your golfers, and your funds. Vantage Tag Systems allows the most comprehensive variety of GPS mobile display unit and single rider golf cart possible anywhere, enabling you to mix-and-match any sequence of handheld and cart installed units. And with the capacity to enhance equipment and increase custom applications, Vantage Tag Systems provides you lots of room to expand.

What Do You Get From Vantage Tag Systems?

Industry managing Back-end Administration Resolution

Hold alone cart control method
The speed of play monitoring
Protect sensitive areas
Internal battery does not lift cart capacity
Fraud and damage protection
Real-Time correct reports
Affordable, scalable, modular, powerful
Lifetime guarantee

Accept All TAG Golf Advantages

Yardage knowledge
One-way conversation
The step of play notifications
Course and restrained zone signs
Automatic whole fleet messaging
Custom clubhouse reports

Benefits Of Tag Golf Control Unit

The Speed of Play Device Set

The TAG Control unit is the business manager in back-end Fleet Administration. It gets the guesswork out of play management's speed by setting the crucial data you require at your fingertips.

Stable Tournament Procedure

The TAG supports your team to run smoother, more reliable experiences. Use the frame lock/unlock capacity to secure your carts where they should be before and later your situation. Of course, you will precisely understand what is occurring on the system throughout the game.

Smart Battery

The TAG with a touch display choice provides you a compelling marketing medium that can create advertising income. The only Fleet Management Company in the business to label power consumption with the "Smart Battery." The smart battery just charges itself when the vehicle is being set, saving battery life.

Labor Profits

TAG can help you reduce your labor costs by removing some of those labor accelerated projects such as the requirement to rope off sections, settling up temporary signage, or attempting to settle carts at the end of the day. With TAG's specific routine reporting, you will have your knowledge simply a click rather than staff stretching out lengthy kinds.

A New Level Of Security & Assurance ​

There are several security characteristics built into the TAG System. Geo-fencing and security zones, whereby any vehicle breaching these areas can be shut down, and a piece of information is sent to staff by text message.

Modular Method Means You Select The Points You Require

You may be amazed at just how affordable industry managing Fleet Management can be. As the TAG System is modular, you select the hardware and characteristics that suit your style and funds entirely.

Mobile Access From Anywhere

Because the TAG System is internet-based, you have access from any internet equipped computer. TAG also has a mobile website that you can reach from your mobile phone or tablet.

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