With the advancing years more and more students are vying to get into reputed grammar schools. Therefore there is a severe competition when it comes to the 11 plus entrance exams. This is not a matter that should be taken lightly as the entrance process is getting tougher and stricter with the mounting competition amongst the students. The number of students each year is increasing who wants to get into a grammar school of repute. To keep up with the ever increasing competition, there are many tuition and coaching centers that have cropped up who are catering to the tuition needs of the students who might be falling behind in one subject or the other in their daily school curriculum. In a good coaching center the students receive one to one attention which it helps them to polish the subjects in which they are weak. The grammar school entrance exams pose a tough hurdle for most students and especially for those students who are weak in maths or history or any other such subject that are taught in the grammar schools.

The best point with the11 plus coaching centers is that they make the students go through mock practices which takes the fer4a of the subject out of their system and makes them more ready and confident. All the expected questions that can come in the entrance exams are provided to the students for 11 plus mock practice. These mock practice sessions help the students to get familiarized to the hurdles that they might be facing. This no doubt makes them more exam ready. Hence the mock practices form an integral part of the preparation of the 11 plus entrance exams. Any reputed coaching center has these mock practice sessions and they know the important part that these sessions play in the preparation process of the students. For parents who want their children to excel academically and go to the top schools, there is much tension and stress when it comes to 11 plus entrance exams. All the parents want their children to shine the brightest in the academic field as it will ensure that they have a bright future later in their life too.

With so many tuition and coaching centers that are into the teaching process for 11 plus entrance exams, it gets a bi difficult for the parents to decide which coaching center will be the best for their kid. Some research is required in this matter. The best possible way to find out a good coaching center will be to ask the parents of the passed out students who have got successfully into the top grammar schools. They will be able to point out the right tuition center. A good coaching center will make sure that they concentrate on building a strong groundwork for their students’ secondary school learning as well. Group class, continuous assessments, one-to-one sessions, regular homework, feedback and 11 plus mock practice exams are some of the best ways to prepare the students for their grammar school exams. To go that extra mile through a system of healthy competition is what the coaching centers should be aiming at. These teaching centers should also concentrate on the specific problem areas of a student and address it in a proper way so that the fear of the subject vanishes and the student becomes confident about his or her exam preparations.

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The author of this article is Mr. Sarbasis Mondal who runs a successful 11 plus tuition center. He stresses on 11 plus mock practice for the kids so that they remain equipped for all the hurdles and becomes exam ready in an efficient way.