In torrid times like this, when the general public transport is in arrears due to the outbreak of the Covid 19 Pandemic, people find it difficult to move around in case of emergencies. Yes, their own vehicles do help them, but not always. In these cases, it is the private taxi services, which make all the difference, by rising to the occasion and serving people in all kinds of ways. And this is evident in every Australian city and Melbourne is no exception.

Then again, where there are so many providers of private taxi service in Melbourne, not every provider is up to the mark. During times like these, the efficacy and the competency of these companies are gauged in terms of value additions.

Hence, on this page, let us discuss some value additions that will make the difference.

Prompt use of GPS

Restrictions have been slapped on the movement of people. Hence, in the scenario, it has become riskier for the commoners to venture out and stay exposed in the street even with protections. Thus, these cabs are using GPS technology with renewed vigour, making sure that none of their passengers have to wait for their arrival. In other words, punctuality has become a renewed hallmark of these companies. Thus, this is one of the value additions that the potential customers will look forward to.

Maintaining hygiene

This is another value addition that is the need of the hour, which the best private taxi transfer service providers in and around Melbourne are sticking to. The drivers would keep a safe distance and minimize the body with the passengers and would maintain every hygiene measure that is needed to stay fit and healthy. The airports are locked down and hence there is no question of ferrying passengers to and from the airport to the city with luggage. However, if it is all about ferrying passengers from the Melbourne CBD to the suburb or the other way round, they would use protective gloves to deal with whatever luggage the passenger might have.

Taking the shortest routes

This is another value-addition that these taxi services are providing at this point in time. They would avoid the longer versions of the routes and take the shortest possible routes to get the passenger to the desired destination. The idea is to make sure that the passenger does not remain outdoor for too long and is able to get indoor at the earliest.

Taking extra care of the vehicle

While any reputed private taxi provider will anyway take care of its vehicles but during this time, these service providers will take some extra precautions, going a few extra miles to sanitize their vehicles to stay safe and healthy and make sure their passengers remain the same.

So you see, in these difficult times, it takes a lot to incur an element of confidence in the psyche of the passengers. A quality private taxi provider will be able to do so with flying colours and that will draw the line between an average service provider and a really reputed and experienced one.

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The author runs one of the best private Taxi transfer services in Melbourne. The author is also a regular blogger.