In this modern era, mobile phone utility is not only limited to our incoming and outgoing talks. Now a days ,people used mobile phones for many purposes with the help of the major players of telecom industries like Vodafone, idea, airtel, reliance, BSNL, Tata indicom, etc people used mobile phones for many purposes like SMS which is most common and important source of communication in today times and specially among youngsters. One can easily recharge their number with message pack according to their usage like with the recharge of 30 you get 300 messages and with the recharge of 75 to 89 (according to telecom company) one get 10,000 or above messages for a month in local and national area.

Next value added service which you get is ringtone facility. One can set their favorite song as the ringtone for their love ones who call them instead of using the traditional tones like tring tring which are quite boring and irritating at times. For a month you will be charged less than Rs.30, for the caller tune which is quite economical. One can check their horoscope through their cell phones and this service provides you live alerts according to your zodiac sign. It feels great that you came know what is going to happen with you in a couple of hours.

Life is quite uncertain and serious. We always need a relaxation time when we are busy and it is awesome that if you can enjoy jokes and lighten-up yourself. Telecom companies provide you daily jokes through your cell phone that are rib-tickling that makes you laugh and fresh your mind. Next the most vital value-added service provided by telecom companies is job finder. This service could provide their customers with the latest news about Job & ways to improve you in job area and lead a successful life.

Chatting with near and dear ones is just like a source of life. For one day if you don’t chat with your buddies you feel like you have forget to done some important work today. Almost all the cellular companies provide you the messenger facility where one can chat with their buddies and also can find new friends. Other value added service which is very crucial is that you can update yourself with the news or latest happening in the world around you. One can get news of all the types like education, sports, politics, movies, etc.

It often happens that we missed a call which is important or from someone very special. Thus, our cellular companies always think about their customers and provide them with missed call alert. This service provides you the SMS for your missed call. Thus, all these value added service add comfort, enjoyment and fun to our life.

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