Why does Valentine's Day make us crazy for all of you ladies out there now? Who could be better to answer that question than relationship coach relationship expert and author Susan winter? So I'm going to throw that coupon to you right now, Susan, because I know you've got so many things to say on this why Valentine's Day makes women crazy Thank You, Sean, that is a great topic. It's needed for all the ladies out there who experienced social pressure on Valentine's Day, not on the marketing, the advertisers, the florists, the restaurants, jewelers, and friends. So where's he taking you? What's happening, he's been planning something special do you think he'll give you a ring now? These are well-meaning people, the advertisers.


I'm not so sure about it, but they're doing their job. They've got a product to sell, so what happens is ladies are impacted continually with this traumatic one day filled with expectations. Somehow all of this has synthesized itself to whatever my man does equal the amount of love he has for me so that the only way to get us out of the Valentine's Day crazies is to obliterate that construct not valid, not right yes we've all seen movies, Where the man is running through the airport trying to catch the woman before she gets on her flight and stops everybody on the airplane. I love you, and I didn't need to screw up but in the real world, functional relationships that flourish live and thrive on small, consistent acknowledgment appreciation of our partner.

Suppose we're looking for the grand gesture on Valentine's Day. In that case, chances are we may be disappointed our guy could come up with what he thinks is a great idea like synthetic motor oil that I got from my Valentine's Day not too many years ago from my very young boyfriend who knew. I had a Corvette and thought honking a person's theistic motor oil was not such a sexy gift for the ladies who might get a present. It's not exactly what you expected and you might not have the grand gesture that you wanted, but the question to ask yourself does this man love you. If you know the answer to that, let him off the hook. Letting yourself off the hook one day does not define the entire quality of your relationship. It is the 364 other days out of the year.

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So give yourself a break and get the incredible gift to your partner of giving him a break. Lighten up on Valentine's Day; most of it is sociological programming from marketers and having a good time with your partner Fiat. Be grateful that you've got somebody in your life who cares about you. That's fantastic, and I love the way you finish that lighten up on yourself on Valentine's Day. Lighten up on your partner. It is just one day there's a lot of marketing pressure, and of course, we all would like that very, very special Valentine's Day.

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