In day to day life, we used to attend many parties whether birthday or marriage, promotion or retirement. We meet, we enjoy, we celebrate but when it come a matter of giving gift we get confused. Everytime same question arises in our mind,” What to give so that it suits their personality and reflects our prestige.” Then something strikes in my mind to give such a gift that speaks, the gift of which warmth can be felt, the feeling of belongingness reflects out of it. The perfect and the purest can be none other than pearl.
Pearl says I am moon of full moon night, hold me tight in your palm, and present me to your loved ones. I will shine and blossom their lives with happiness. If I talk about Pearl, it can be beaded into many forms. For your loving mother, it can be bead into Pearl Necklace, for your darling wife it can be bead into Pearl Earring, for your beautiful girlfriend it can be bead into Pearl Ring and for your sweet sister it can be bead into Pearl Bracelet. What else you need? Pearl is complete in it and can fulfill your promise of being together. No one can imagine a gift like Pearl. So, do not let go this idea and gift your special one this time a real alluring pearl Jewelry. When you are in relationship and have not been in touch for a long time then plan something bewitching to make her surprise. Let this valentine be your exalted one. For some people Valentine can be heavenly and for others it can be like hell. So for those who are still in queue to find their love, they can learn from those who are enjoying and feeling the beauty of love.

Giving gifts does not mean that you are simply fulfilling your duties towards your loved one. But it’s a warm feeling, a touch of affection which you are delivering in a beautifully wrapped box. Some says that ‘love distills desire upon the eyes, love brings bewitching grace into the heart and their loved one is like a hero who can rescue from dark night of sorrow by bestowing shower of happiness in their lives. While some says love is beauty of life, as the love grows within you, beauty grows. In Simple we can say, love is the beauty of soul. A famous writer Benjamin wrote’ we all are born for love. It is the principle of existence and it is the only end’. Live each day as if it is last, keep your loved one feel very special at every moment. Surprise your beloved at every crossroad with none other than Pearl.

Pearl holds different meanings; it changes its beingness according to the person holding it. For a Jeweler, its only a ornament to be wear out, For a child, it’s a simple tiny toy ball, For a girl it can be a Precious stone gifted by her boyfriend, for a women it can be a promise of being together and for a old lady it can be illusory article holding sweet memories of her whole past life and at last for a person dyeing pearl can be last breadth of upholding life, and first breadth of glide path waiting.

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As the creative director of Mettlle Jewels Mr. Harminder Maini is responsible for distribute the benefits of significant content to emerging designer jewelry manufacturers. With over 12 years of experience managing manufacturing and marketing campaigns, he now shares his gold and diamond jewelry experience with the small businesses community, helping them improve their online business.