Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste – these are our five senses which we are going to use to create love and romance in your bedroom this Valentine’s.

1. Smell - Your sense of smell is usually the first thing you are aware of when you enter a room (or even prior to entering a room). It is really easy to create a romantic aroma in your bedroom because there is an endless array of aromatherapy candles and incense. Pick your favorite scented candle(s) and light it up! We are, after all, still mammals and our sense of smell triggers all sorts of chemical reactions in the brain that arouse our sensuality.

2. Sights - As you enjoy the romantic aroma in your bedroom, you (almost) simultaneously take in the sights of your surroundings. When you are creating a romantic ambiance - romantic lighting is an absolute must! My preference is to keep all electrical lights off and use only candles. But you might prefer the effervescent glow of a salt crystal lamp or the dimness of light provided by putting a pink shade or scarf over your lampshade.

3. Touch - Tactile stimulation, more commonly referred to as touch, is essential for putting you in a romantic mood. Therefore, use soft cozy pillows, silky velvet sheets, and maybe a fuzzy throw rug. The crown in the jewel here, however, is to sprinkle red rose petals on and around the bed – need I say more?

4. Sound - Who doesn’t love romantic music the likes of Marvin Gaye to create a romantic ambiance in your bedroom? It doesn’t matter who your favorite recording artist is, have background music playing in your bedroom at a soft low volume. If you are not a music lover, use a sound machine that plays the sound of ocean waves breaking on the shore – anything that relaxes you and gets you in the mood.

5. Taste - Let’s use our sense of taste to add a romantic ambiance to your bedroom. Have a bottle of wine and/or champagne chilling by the bedside along with some chocolates and/or chocolate covered strawberries – you get the idea. Chocolate is known to be an aphrodisiac so that is why I suggest it, but any type of your favorite food and/or drinks will do.

There are plenty more fun and creative ways you can use your five senses to create a romantic bedroom ambiance for Valentine’s Day – but these are a great start!

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Dr. Patty Ann Tublin is an internationally recognized relationship and communication
expert, speaker, author, and executive coach. Her book: “Not Tonight Dear, I’ve Got a Business to Run!" became an Amazon best seller. She has developed proven strategies and tools that are practical, do-able and highly effective in repairing damaged relationships due to infidelity, fighting about money and other relationship issues such as lack of effective communication.