If you are in the process of booking your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN, take a look at the city of Valencia. This jewel in the crown of the Costa del Azahar is often bypassed in favour of larger and better known resorts such as Barcelona or Madrid. Valencia possesses a culture and architectural experience that outclasses both of these especially with the City of Arts and Sciences which is a futuristic museum complex that is ahead of its time. Valencia is also home to a dense monumental heritage which includes the Llotja de la Seda (“Silk Exchange”) that was declared a World Heritage Site in 1996. Situated in the Autonomous Community of Valencia it is the third largest city in Spain. This city of old and new, which coexists next door to each other without distracting from their heritage, is the place to call home while on your holidays.

To get an idea of the architectural mixture of the city take a stroll through the Old Town where you will be amazed at the buildings located there. They range from the Baroque cathedrals to the Gothic grandeur of the Llotja de la Seda or as it is also known the Silk Exchange. This magnificent building is where the silk merchants came to ply their trade centuries ago. As you stroll through the Old Town you can trace the history of the different civilizations that ruled Valencia through the architecture they left behind. These civilizations include the Romans, Muslims and Christians that ruled Valencia at one time or another.

As you stroll through Old Town you will find it hard to explore all that there is on offer so it’s important that you make a list of what interest you ensuring you don't miss anything. There are a few places that are a must see, such as the Basilica de la Virgin de los Desamparados, the Santa Catalina Bell Tower and the Plaza de Reina. If you would like to give your feet a rest, you can pick up a horse drawn carriage at the Plaza for an adventurous ride around Old Town.

A good place to spend the day especially if you have children is the park known as The Garden of the Turia. This area was once a river bed that was drained and turned into a verdant sunken park. The park is home to a multitude of different areas including a number of ponds, fountains, paths, football pitches, cafes, an athletic track and a climbing wall plus a lot more. Gulliver Park is situated at the end of the park and was designed like a children's adventure playground. Also located here are the Valencian Music Palace and the new City of Arts and Sciences. Not bad for a place that was originally scheduled to be a road.

If you are ready to shop the place to go is the Central Market; with over six hundred stalls to explore you can spend the day sampling local delicacies. Situated in a modernistic building that is covered in beautiful ceramic tiles it is the place to spend a relaxing day out. You can stock up your holiday home with fresh fruits, local cheeses, wines and the local speciality: paella. All this will drive a foodie crazy in an attempt to try it all.

If you book your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN, the one place that is a must see in Valencia is its cathedral. It was constructed using three different styles of architecture including Baroque, Roman and Gothic. To see this cathedral and its long history will astonish you so don't miss it.

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