Are you looking or vacation rentals by owners? You may have google about the same but not getting proper information about the same right! Well, you might have heard about this but then also let me give some idea about vacation rentals to the ones who are not very well aware about the term.

Vacation Rentals are basically renting a fully furnished house or apartment for the certain time being as an alternative to the conventional hotels. Generally the concept is very famous in USA and other countries. Vacation rental by owner is not more new but in vacation rental by owner you will find the properties or vacation homes are being listed by the owner itself for rent. Vacation rental by owner gives tremendous benefits to the property owner. Below I have highlighted some of the major benefits that owner will get from vacation rental by owner.

Benefits to owner by vacation rental by owner:

• First and most important thing that any owner may achieve is popularity of the site of vacation rental property. Owners will get benefits of increased rank of its property site in SEO.

• As an owner you may have to work with travel agent to get you visitors, for which you have to give commission to agent who may be sometime not affordable by owners but by getting listed in vacation rentals by owner directories you may get benefit of not paying single penny to anyone for visitors.

• Easy way of marketing and publicity of your property without much more attention.

• It will help to give good exposure to your property if you have newly started you vacation rental.

• More inquires you will receive from visitors which may not be possible with travel agent or anything else.

There are many places you can get the details about the vacation rentals by owner like by asking travel agent or through many online directories as well. Below I have listed few major Online Vacation Rental Directories from where you can find all the information regarding the same.

• Great Rentals URL:

This vacation rental site is basically part of It allows options to search the vacation rentals by owner as well if you are owner of the property than you can get your property listed in it. It also helps to advertise your properties online through internet marketing. For more visit you can click the link given above.

• For Rent By Owner URL:

For rent by owner is site created in 1999 and used by many owners as well as renters to get the details about the vacation rentals by owner and also helps the owners of vacation rentals to either listed their properties or helps to sell their properties online. For more info please visit the site.

• Vacation Listing by owner URL:

This site is encyclopaedia of vacation rentals by owners. It provides high resolution images and photos of vacation rentals. It has data of thousands of condos; villas, vacation rentals and much more listed by the owners itself. You just have to select the state of your choice and you will be directed to the vacation rentals available from owners. Just click on the link given above.

• Vacations By owners URL:

This site mainly contains the details about the vacation rentals by owner of US residents only. So if you wish to go US than surely you can visit this site.

• Vacation Rental Wonderland URL:

It offers great options for vacation rentals by owner. It also offers to select the vacation rentals by owner through different categories of property types. It offers you to advertise your property online if you are owner of any property. For more info you click the link given above.

• Runaway Rentals URL:

It offers various options to reach the vacation rentals by owner. It offers discounts or free listing offer for vacation rental owners to list their properties online. You just have to select the state and you will get the details about vacation rentals from owners.

Apart from all these sites you can find the vacation rentals by owner through other sites also like,, etc.
I tried to list out major sites providing the information about the vacation rentals by owner and also mentioned the benefits that owners earn from it. Hope this article helps you to get what you are looking for.

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Vacation Rentals by Owner or holiday rentals by owner are the largest vacation accommodation alternative to hotels or bed and breakfast.