Due to the advancement in technology, now it is easier to disinfect the luggage. No one can deny this fact that domestic, as well as international flights, have become the primary reason for spreading the COVID-19. Luggage or bags are a vital part of the journey, and these are carried by almost all travelers. Without baggage, it is impossible to imagine traveling because luggage consists of an important thing. However, in the time of coronavirus, people think twice or thrice to carry the luggage. There are several reasons for their concern.


The bags can be the contact point of spreading the virus. In addition to that, somehow, it is essential to disinfect the luggage immediately. Due to it, luggage will not be responsible for spreading the virus. Moreover, with the increment in passengers at the railway station, airports during the post-lockdown then there is a great need for the UV baggage disinfection system.


The UV baggage disinfection system will disinfect the surface of the luggage. To control the spread of the infection through the baggage, the ARCI, DST, Govt. of India, as well as Vehant Technologies Noida, developed the KirtiScan® UV Baggage Disinfection system. In addition to that, this conveyor system disinfects the bag by passing through the conveyor within seconds. Moreover, it is an ideal option for the railway station, bus station, or airports, hotels, and so on. Along with it, this system is beneficial for those places where the traveler stays.


Moving further, this disinfection system is based upon the UVC and well known for the rapid disinfection capabilities. The disinfection process of this machine is dry, as well as chemical-free. In addition to that, it protects the staff as well as passengers from the spread of this dangerous infection. Along with it, the baggage disinfection system disinfects the 360-degree surface of the baggage. Moreover, the UV-C lamps that are used in the order are well shielded. Therefore, it is safe for the staff as well as passengers. When the UVC light is irradiated on the infected surface, it quickly disrupts the genetic material in the virus as well as inhibits its multiplication.


The UVC irradiation at 254 nm is also known for the germicidal properties where there is no chemical residue left behind on the surface. This innovation makes safe commuting safe for travelers. The reason is that baggage will be disinfected accurately. Therefore it reduces the chances of spreading the virus, and masses feel safe in traveling. In addition to it, this machine can be deployed according to the size of the baggage with numerous tunnel sizes for multiple purposes as well as locations.


Moreover, every model is able to access at the various conveyor speeds.

In the end, now you do not need to take the stress about the luggage. With the help of a UV baggage disinfection system, your luggage will be virus-free. In addition to that, this system disinfects the order within the eight seconds that is quick too.

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