Recently I had a conversation with a client who we coordinate transactions for, she’d been working hard, and she hadn’t written a contact in almost a month. Needless to say she was frustrated!

She told me she looked around the office saw others were having success, doing the same things she was. Yet she wasn't getting anyone to sign on the dotted line.

As we chatted I truly felt her frustration, I too feel that sometimes as the owner of a transaction coordinating company, I work, and work, and work yet don’t get the kind of results I’d want or as fast as I’d like either. I passed along the best advice I’d received on this, “keep believing in your dream and know that your attention is best put there rather than on what others are doing”. What ever activities that lead to contracts I told her, keep doing them. Spend your time and energy there you will find success.

It wasn’t long before she called, excited to let us know that she had a contact for her transaction coordinator. A few days later she had another, then another and as of this article, she’d written 6 contracts in just a few weeks time.

Wahoooo!!!!! Sounds like she's on a roll.

Almost 10 years ago just before the real estate market began it's meltdown I started TMC, it goes without saying that it hasn’t always been easy, yet thankfully in spite of the market I’ve stuck it out, gotten creative and like many entrepreneurs I didn’t take a paycheck occasionally just to keep the doors open.

Well, just like the client I too have received calls from people who I’ve kept up with via email and newsletters over the years who are back, busier than ever and are sending us transactions right and left to coordinate. It’s been a fun and crazy journey so far, one that I’m glad I’ve stuck with. While I often wondered “WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING”, I now know I was totally living up to the big dream I had when I started which is continues to this day. The dream I have to own a business that provides a great transaction coordinating service to wonderful Realtor clients and a fantastic place for talented people to work.

Whatever your dream, keep it handy, focus on it often and enjoy the ride, you will be successful.

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Author's Bio: 

Michelle Spalding is the Founder/CEO of Transaction Management Consultants, LLC. The company provides transaction management services to busy real estate professionals from various size real estate offices, new and experienced investors as well as condominium developers throughout the United States.