No point having the best website in the world if no one visits it.

This is why Twitter is so important to get followers and share links with people with similar interests.

Here are 10 FREE easy steps to pimp your website using Twitter.

1/. Sign up to Twitter, and then search for me - my twitter name is AffiliateABC

Using AffiliateABC as an example of someone you know, when you find me, click on my profile and please become one of my followers - that way, we can keep in contact if you wish to discuss the sort of subjects I write about.

I should explain that I run a website entitled Affiliate School, and Slum Dog Affiliates, and I provide free advice for people who would like to become an affiliate, perhaps work from home to make money from Internet marketing.

2/. If you were going to start you a business; for example, selling wedding dresses and accessories, rather than using Twitter to search for old school friends, you might create a wedding profile for your company and then search for similar people to network with.

You might find by searching the Find People tab for "wedding" there will be many people you could tie up with to share website links, ideas, cooperate to sell each other's wedding accessories and dresses.

You might create your profile as something other than your real name - for example "Wedding bells" rather than your real name Mary Smith

3/. If you follow me, and I follow you, we end up with a wider network of contacts, and in turn, people will take you more seriously if you appear to have many followers. You can try follow as many people as you can by keep hitting the Find people (category wedding) and following as many people as you can, but try to follow too many people at once and you generate a warning from Twitter police HQ that you might be trying to follow too many people - Twitter are wise to, and don't like you to follow too many people, too soon. So try following people with many followers.

4/. On the Affiliate School website, notice that in the right column, there is a gadget that allows you to bookmark the page and share with people on Twitter - these tools are really useful for letting people know what your Twitter ID name is, and what you have recently been twittering about.

5/. There is also a button offering FREE visitors for your website - click on this button, and add the address of your website - free advertisement. You should advertise your site, and also advertise your Twitter home page so people can find you. So make 2 free advertisements. This button is really useful - called Traffic Digger

6/. Pick another similar wedding name - such as "wedding hire", or "getting married" So long as you don't follow too many people too soon, you should be able to follow a number of people.

7/. Once you have started following people, many will start to follow you - in your profile on Twitter, explain what you do by having a related name to whatever you promote - so your name could be WeddingDayBliss or some other name related to your specialist subject.

8/. On a frequent basis, daily, post snippets about your website - always add a link, make sure your website link is in your profile - you will get noticed more and more, and people will start visiting your website.

9/. Don't just use Twitter for spamming, so for example, just don't sit there typing in the same old "I run a boring affiliate program and make loads of money, visit my website at www.xxxxx" I wish I had a dollar for every "I made 3 trillion dollars in one afternoon" - type claims I see on the Internet and on Twitter - baloney.

If your words are interesting and your twitterings are engaging, people will follow you and find you interesting. If you are not engaging and not interesting, you'll get the same response you get when you go to parties, people will start to ignore you, and keep away from you. To get lots of followers, be engaging.

10/. I twitter on about my favourite beef about affiliate marketing. I just don't understand why so many people spend so many dollars advertising their websites through Google pay per click when they have so many other ways to advertise their websites for free. Please follow me at AffiliateABC and I will promise you this, I will try hard not to bore you with boring old spam messages. By the way, if you have techniques to get free advertising, please share this information with me soon. Please introduce yourself on Twitter and say high, and please tell me on Twitter where you saw this article published, just let me know the link. And do visit Affiliate School soon for more engaging useful tips.

Author's Bio: 

Mike Glanville is founder of Affiliate School, a resource for people who wish to enter the world of affiliate marketing. Mike has written a number of articles about niche product marketing, working from home, Internet marketing. He has many years experience in sales and marketing and has travelled all over the world to train sales and marketing personnel.