Although most times we consider feng shui principles when decorating our home or office, you can also use feng shui in many other areas of your life. Because the average person spends so much time in their vehicle every day, commuting back and forth to work, cars and trucks should be considered as ideal environments for the application of feng shui principles. By creating a good flow of positive energy in your vehicle, not only will you improve your overall sense of peace, serenity and happiness while driving each day, but you will also increase your level of safety by enhancing your ability to focus. All of these positive benefits can be reaped simply by applying a few simple feng shui principles and practices in your vehicle.

Create a Clean and Uncluttered Vehicle
Just as in other areas of your life, clutter is the enemy of positive feng shui energy. In order to attract good energy to your surroundings, it is important to reduce the level of clutter so that the good energy can flow freely. Because we spend so much time in our vehicles, they often tend to become cluttered, messy and dirty. This overall messiness will not only detract from your overall level of happiness while you are driving, it will also restrict the flow of positive energy within your car. To solve this problem, start by removing any unnecessary items. If you have any trash that has accumulated in your car, now is the time to remove it. Although it can be prudent to keep a warm coat in your car in case of emergencies in the winter, and an umbrella is always a necessary item to keep on hand, remove any extra clothing items that you might be carrying around in your car.

Remember that in feng shui, hidden clutter is considered to be just as detrimental as visible clutter. This means not only is it important to clean out the interior of your vehicle, but you should also clean out the trunk of your car, as well as the glove compartment and any other compartments that might exist within your car. Start by removing all items, then give your car's interior and the trunk compartment a good overall cleaning. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and debris, and spray cleanser to clean all vinyl and plastic surfaces. Clean the upholstery of your car and add an air freshener in a scent that you find to be calming. Then, put back anything that you absolutely need, making sure to organize everything carefully. It is also important to keep your vehicle's windows sparkling clean, and you should wash the outside of your vehicle as well.

Other Feng Shui Vehicle Techniques
Once your car has been cleaned and organized, there are some additional techniques you can use when driving to encourage positive feng shui. Drive with your windows open whenever possible to encourage positive energy. Some sea salt can be sprinkled on the car floor, which will help to absorb any negative energy. Play music while driving in your vehicle to rid the space of negative energy. Add something blue to the front of your car, such as a blue crystal, medallion or ribbon to your rearview mirror to bring the mind-clearing effects of water into your daily commute.

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