You’ve already followed all the friends you have on Twitter. What’s next? How about reaching out to find tweeps who are in your area? By now you know where you want to hang out, why not find people who are already there? There are a number of Twitter tools for finding followers geographically. Here are five of them:

LocaFollow is an easy to use Twitter tool; just enter your search parameters, including bio, location, name and/or tweets. You don’t have to enter all of the parameters, but the more you use, the more you will focus your search.

NearbyTweets gives you options for the city you’re in and a keyword for the tweets you are looking for. As a consumer, this is a great way to find the organizations you want to deal with. As an individual, this is a great way to find tweeps that are your kind of people.

LocalTweeps is a searchable app that gives you the opportunity to search by state, city, or zip code. It is currently limited to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. You can also promote events and specials in your city. What a great way to find locals with similar interests.

OnlineGlobeGrid is a tool that is Google map-based. You can zoom around the country, clicking on green dots that indicate a tweep’s location. Once you log in, you can mark your own location.

TwitterAtlas uses Atlas Fresh Logic Maps to pinpoint where people are tweeting. You can use a satellite or road map and there is an RSS feed sidebar. When you click on any city you, can view the region or get details about it.

These are only five of the tools available to help you find tweeps and local followers on Twitter. Networking with followers who share your enjoyment of an area can enrich your enjoyment of the Twittersphere.

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