Kodi is the old XBMC, which is now counted as one of the top 3 media streaming application used by people all around the world. The app offers many features and more than a couple of dozens of controls for the user to get access to unlimited content. Let’s have a quick overview of some of the user-friendly aspects of Kodi.


  • Multiple profiles: If many people are using the same Kodi app, then it's possible If to create a unique profile in which you can save your content, install user-specific top Kodi addons, and can be kept password protected.


  • Keyboard shortcuts: Making it highly user-friendly, Kodi supports keyboard shortcuts like "\" can be used to change the display modes, "Ctrl+S" to take a screenshot, "P" to play media, "F" for forwarding, etc.


  • Multiple language and region options: English is the default language in Kodi, but it can support other languages too. You can change the region or language by going to the system features.


  • Kodi skins – You may also revamp the look and feel of Kodi by using various skins available for Kodi. This can also be changed by accessing the settings.


Now, let’s have a quick overview of the best Kodi add-ons.


  1. Covenant: The developers once abandoned it, but now there is a new version of the same available and fully functional. You get access to a huge collection of movies and TV shows through it.


  1. Exodus: This was also one of the top-rated Kodi apps, once abandoned by the developer, but now came back with more features from Kodi Bae.


  1. The Magic Dragon: It’s a new Kodi addon, which is an all-in-one addon featuring various content, providing various types of content as movies, TV shows, HD videos, spots, etc.


  1. Nemesis: This is an add-on which is consistently developing with a couple of updates last month also. The major feature in this add-on is the maintenance section where you can delete all the junk files to ensure Kodi is running the best.


Top free VPNs


The users of Kodi are recommended to install a VPN also, which will make the content access more secure and private. You get the geo-locked content also with a VPN your original IP can also be masked. Here are some TheBestFreeVPN.com suggestions for free VPNs to try for viewing content from across the globe, and also get access to sports and betting sites, etc.


–          CyberGhost


This is a VPN service which is based in Romania. CyberGhost offers top-notch security and privacy. As the provider claims, there is military grade 256-bit encryption which helps the users to enjoy the best masking. There is a kill switch also to ensure protection.


–          IPVanish


This VPN also ensures 256-bit military trade encryption along with forwarding secrecy. There is a built-in kill switch in IPVanish, and in case if the VPN connection is lost, the internet will instantly be cut off. You can also get the advantage of protection against DNS leak, and the provider doesn't keep any user activity log of browsing activity.


These VPNs can be used at best with operating Kodi to ensure you get better access to more content along with secured viewing.

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