Getting a whiter smile is within hands reach for just about anyone today. You can purchase a teeth whitening kit or teeth whitening gel to get your teeth looking whiter than ever before. You can also have your teeth whitened in a dentists office if it is a procedure your dentist offers. Which method you decide to choose depends on what you can afford and what kind of results you are looking for. Dentists usually charge a bit more than a kit you would by over the counter. But the dentist will make sure you get the right shade and the results you want. This is one of the benefits of going to a dentist for teeth whitening.

If you want more than just a whiter smile, you should go to a cosmetic dentist. They can do more to your teeth than just whiten them. They can help restore confidence in those with less than perfect teeth. If your teeth are chipped or crooked, they can help correct them.

If you just want whiter teeth, there are less expensive ways to get them. There are several over the counter kits containing special teeth whitening gel that will get your teeth whiter than ever before. Visit your local drug store and you will find countless kits and products containing one certain ingredient...hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide in the gels and pastes is what whitens your teeth. The solution strength is what varies from product to product. Some contain a peroxide strength of 20% while some only contain 10%. Most kits are pretty affordable, but some may be priced higher than others. This can sometimes just be a marketing ploy. You may be paying more for packaging or branding, not the actual product. So check the back of the kit for the ingredients. If they contain the same ingredients and the same strength, you will want to choose the cheaper kit.

No matter where you go get whiter teeth, you may experience an uncomfortable side effect of the peroxide and that is tooth sensitivity. When the peroxide sits on your teeth, it causes your teeth to become more sensitive. When you drink hot or cold drinks, it may actually feel very uncomfortable. There are toothpastes you can buy to help cut down on the sensitivity. You can also talk to your dentist to see if he has suggestions on how to decrease tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening procedures.

Getting your teeth whitened will give you confidence when smiling and speaking and will improve how you feel about yourself.

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