Tantra wants you to have pleasure and guides you to have the Divine pleasure of merging the male and female energies into One. It uses this pleasure to bring more joy and light into your life.

If you are living a disconnected life, you will experience the opposite – being separated from your Divine connection saps your vitality and joy. I’m sure you have experienced that when you are afraid, ashamed, or doing something out of habit, you feel low energy and are unenthusiastic.

Living out of habit and without any spontaneity diminishes eros, the life force that is always there when you are present in your true essence. Doing anything in a habitual way starts a downward spiral of boredom. Tantra invites you to pay attention to your thoughts and actions throughout your day, and notice whether or not your are increasing or decreasing your energy flow.

When you are unfulfilled and low energy, it's really hard to pull yourself out of the muddy thoughts into the firm terrain of the NOW. When you are present in the now, you are spontaneous, inspired and unlimited.

So how do you get out of your rut and into living NOW, in the present? First, you need to take a moment and reconnect with your divine core where your power resides. From this point of power, you can choose to draw yourself out of the muddy concoction of negativity. You might feel like an elephant stuck in the mud, but you DO have the power to pull yourself out.

When you are in alignment with your Divine Self, anything is possible: you can even get the strength to lift a car to save a someone you love. It has been done before, even by women who in the gym could not lift 50 lbs. We’ve heard the stories of mothers who lifted a car to save their trapped baby. Where did their miraculous strength come from?

In the moment of absolute certainty that you want to save someone you love, the forces of the universe come to you to make it possible. Your intention is so focused that it goes all the way down to your core of Divinity to make it happen. On that level, miracles are possible.

That is why Tantra stresses the importance of meditating. By pursuing a daily practice of quiet moments to reconnect with the Divinity within you, you begin the journey to achieve real self-knowledge.

As you return to the quiet strength of your divine core, you will be attuning your thoughts, emotions and sexual energy toward higher goals then just your personal survival. You will be moving your whole being to a higher level of vibration – and it will permeate your life, bringing you more energy, more action, and more joy.

Author's Bio: 

Carla Tara is an internationally-acclaimed teacher of Tantra, who masterfully integrates a variety of tantric approaches with body-oriented psychotherapy. She has studied with Eastern masters and Western teachers. Her background as a yoga teacher, psychotherapist, dancer, and relationship counselor contributes to the strength and creativity of her work as a coach to both individuals and couples.