With sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace becoming more and more popular daily, there are many ways to use the features of these sites to make dating easier and more convenient than ever before. These websites have a purpose of making connections and that is why it is possible to make a connection with anyone at all without seeming as though you have any romantic intentions. It is different than walking up to someone in a restaurant or public place and striking up a conversation. Something like that always reveals that you might have another agenda in mind or might want to be starting something and that kind of behavior can sometimes be intimidating to others and frightening for yourself if you are not a naturally outgoing person.

But because these social networking sites demand that connections be made with acquaintances, old friends from the past, current friends, classmates, co-workers, and relatives, it would be nothing out of the ordinary to add someone for whom you have some romantic interest. In fact, adding them through one of these means allows you to learn a bit about them from a secretive vantage point. You can learn about their interests, as most of these sites have a biographical section.

Learn about what music they like, what films, books, and what kind of career they are interested in. From reading things like the notes they post or the Tweets they update, you can get an idea of their personality in a way that might seem sort of stalker- like, but if done with moderation and good intentions, can just be a way to understand the other person and get to know basic information. This can not only help you figure out whether you two have anything in common but it can also help you figure out what to talk about when the time comes.

Figuring out how to talk to one another does not have to be impossible, either, as you can easily use the site's features to choose a form of communication that is most desirable to you. You can decide to message the person and send something that is casual and friendly and self introductory. Or you can write on their wall or comment on their post or leave a bulletin on their board. You can decide to comment on their photos or you can strike up a conversation through the instant chat features that some of the sites have. No matter what, the sites offer you a sort of casual way to get to know someone by not becoming too forward or having to do it in person where things might be a little more awkward and intimidating.

Of course, once you get to know a person through one of these means, it is good to take it a stretch further and maybe talk on the phone or agree to meet up, as dating solely through these sites can be dangerous if you begin to build up a persona in your head that belies the actual character of the individual. In all, social networking sites are rapidly becoming a very fruitful way to meet people.

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Roberto Sedycias works as an IT consultant for Polomercantil