A lot of athletes use Physio tape you may have noticed, from the Olympics to football, rugby and more. They often do so as a suggestion from their physio Subiaco and elsewhere as a way to assist them in their performance. Here is a look at why physio tape is useful, how to use it and what current research has to say about it.

Reasons a Physio may use Physio tape

In most applications physio tape is for people who do activities or sports and go to see their physio, Wembley or elsewhere for a sporting-related injury. It is in use by physiotherapists around the world in different ways and for different reasons but the four main ones are;

  1. To give some support to an area that needs it or to prevent movement somewhere, for example, where there was a history of injury
  2. To offer a boost in circulation to the tissues where it is
  3. To give an area it is applied to some feedback
  4. To boost the function of the area it is in

How physio tape is used

There are a number of ways the tape is used but the four main ways people cut and use it on the body are Y formation, the wave formation, the X formation and the L formation. The Y shape is good for larger muscles that need support and treatment. The X tends to go on the spine. The L formation on various positions around the body and the wave shape is specifically for joints that are inflamed. It is important when you are using the tape that the edges are cut and rounded so it does not catch on clothing. This is not just an annoyance it can impact the athlete’s performance.

A physio Subiaco might suggest tape to both adults and children in a variety of sports, it does not have to be professional athletes only. It has also been used for certain serious neurological conditions like cerebral palsy as it can help with motor control. It has also been used to help people with speech impediments from abnormalities in motor development as well as to help with certain muscular imbalances like shin splints and knee pain.

Growing research continues

There are some who question physio tape but the fact is, it is used in a number of areas with great impact. As well as being available with a physio Wembley or closer to you it is becoming more available to the general public. Research suggests there are more uses where it has potential positive results in other medical and biological areas. For example, there are ongoing studies looking at how it might help with serious medical conditions like Lymphedema.


Seeing a Physio is a great way to help with a number of issues. They are not just for sporting injuries though that is one area they excel. Physio tape is something they use in a variety of different situations.

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This article penned by Lora Davis