If you are in Illinois, you probably know that wrist straps are very much different from wrist wraps and are prohibited from being used in competitions. However, should you still use them in training? The answer is yes. For powerlifting straps Illinois training sessions, there are lots of benefits.

  • For pain in the hand

Powerlifting straps Illinois training sessions are better if people who just suffered an injury to their hand make use of straps. For long-timers in the business, tearing of hands is common no matter how much you care for them. Instead of using bleeding arms of skipping training, simply use powerlifting straps.

  • Use straps until callus tears heal

After you complete combined sets of rows and chin-ups, as well as, deadlifts your hands could begin to develop rawness. You can use straps here although it should not become a habit. You don’t have to be the tough guy all the time. After doing most of the competition deadlift workout using competition grip, switching to straps if you develop raw hands and are losing focus on your technique is not a bad idea. Ask for recommendations for the best powerlifting straps Illinois shops around. Remember that while it’s not bad to make use of straps, it should never become a habit. Also, try to carry out competition deadlifts without the use of straps.

  • Accessory Lifts

Some accessory lifts are more effective when carried out with straps. Accessory lifts comprise variations of touch & go deadlift, various Romanian deadlifts, very heavy cheat rows, and also snatch-grip deadlifts. For deadlifts like the snatch-grip, you can almost not do them without using straps.

Note that you should not allow your hands to go raw. You are not obligated to put your hands through that ordeal. Find a good powerlifting straps Illinois supplier and get good straps for such kind of situations. Using straps for accessory lifts is not a bad idea too. However, try to ensure that you use your competition grip to do more of the competition deadlifts. Gaining mastery of your competition grip will ensure that you do well at competitions.

  • Hook-grip Deadlifts

Hook grip Deadlifters make the straps situation quite complicated. Some lifters get accustomed to the hook grip perfectly that they even carry out high-rep sets using the grip. However, others get their thumbs destroyed if they try to do so. When you constantly damage your thumbs, you put yourself at a great disadvantage and will only end up doing lesser hook grip work.

It is quite sensible for hook grippers to make use of straps when it comes to high-rep sets. A lot of persons quit hook gripping anything that exceeds two or three reps because the pain that their backs and thumbs get can be very distracting. It is advised that you carry out the last rep with a hook grip in a high-rep set if you wish to practice more. This is very effective due to the fact that they straps can just be released without losing much time while you set the hook in place for the final rep and continue. Attempting to carry out the hook for the first rep and, then, strapping up for the others can result in at least half a minute time gap between the first and second reply as you have your straps set.


Are powerlifting straps Illinois training sessions good for hook grip lifters? Of course, they are in a way. Hook grip dead lifters can try to utilize submaximal singles frequent as they stand to benefit a lot.

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