If You’ve never heard of Fiverr.com you are probably asking, “what is this Fiverr.com”? Fiverr is a Micro-outsourcing site where your sellers offer their service for $5. Services available very greatly. On one end of the spectrum you have women with tight toned bodies and large breasts who will take a picture with anything you want written on them or while holding a sign promoting your business. One the other hand you have sellers who will write a unique article of 500+ words and gaurantee acceptance to ezine articles. In between those, the middle is endless. One buyer offers a video of your logo used as a ransom note, while another with create stunning intro that will make your website seem more thrilling than the latest Hollywood Blockbuster. In case you have forgotten the point, these will all be done for $5.

Does your website need some graphic work, or do you need a new banner for that campaign? Fiverr can help with those as well. The line of professional graphic designers, will create a stunning logo for you. Of course the down fall may be time, as most of the hottest Fiverr’s have a few orders in que. Fiverr designers also offer gigs to create business cards or other stationary which can be used as marketing tools.

Seo services are abound on Fiverr.com as well. For $5 you can get an seo analysis of your website that will tell you what you need to improve on to dominate google. Alternatively if you’re a new site a $5 keyword analysis will get your niche researched, and a list of 20-30 “goldy” key. Lots of sellers offer backlinks or link wheel building from high pagerank’s gauranteed to boost rating in search engine, and they might. However when choosing these methods, be careful. Too many links, too fast, will get you sandboxed with the big GOOGLE. In my opinion the best link building method one could use on Fiverr would be to combine an article writing gig with a submission gig. Find a good writer who can write unique content for you. Following that find an article submission gig that manually submits, and possibly spins, your article to 10-20 high quality directories.

Not all services on Fiverr will be created equal, so make sure you check a user’s feedback. In an effort to find quality Fivvers to use on my sex toy site I have started a fiver project, where I am allocating $100 towards promotion of a new e-commerce adult novelty business, and blogging about the experience. Feel free to check out the blog for recommendations of the best of fiverr 
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Christa Sizz, operator of SensualSizz.com, and internet marketing attemptee