Whether you are simply sick with a common cold or someone in your home suffers from a chronic illness, feng shui can often help. Because feng shui is based on energy, you can harness the power of this energy to improve a person's health. Energy is constantly moving throughout your home, whether it is good energy, bad energy, or both. When you are trying to improve your own health or the health of another family member, you will want to focus on ways to increase the good energy while decreasing the bad energy in your home.

Fighting Negative Energy with Positive Energy

Protective feng shui can help keep everyone in your home happy and healthy. However, it can also be quite beneficial for improving the health of somebody who is already sick. Protective feng shui can also be used to decrease the chances that others in the household will get sick, if one family member is already ill. People who are ill or those who are in the vicinity of somebody who is ill are especially susceptible to negative energy. Therefore, it's more important than ever to use positive energy to help protect them.

Reducing the Effects of Negative Energy

If there is illness in your home, you'll first want to identify where you feel the negative illness energy is residing in your home. If more than one person is already sick, or if there has been chronic illness in your home, chances are the negative illness energy is actually surrounding the front entrance to your home. You can help protect others in the home by temporarily using another entrance, so that those entering the home will not walk through the path of the negative energy. Then, reduce the level of the negative energy around your home's entryway by hanging some bright metal objects around the front door. Shining a bright light in the room towards the front door can also help to dissipate the negative energy. If only one person has become ill in your home, you might be able to prevent the negative energy from spreading throughout the rest of the house. For example, if they have been confined to bed, you may be able to attack the negative energy directly in their bedroom. Place bright metal objects or a bright light in the hallway outside the door, to prevent the negative energy from permeating the rest of your home. If the weather permits, open a window in the bedroom to allow the negative energy to escape. You can help drive the energy out by hanging bright metal objects in the room, or turning on a light.

Using Colors and Objects to Drive Illness Out

If having a light on in the room is uncomfortable for the person who is sick, use colors to achieve the same result. If the illness is affecting the hands, arms, feet and legs, use red objects in the room. Illnesses affecting the stomach, head, mouth or reproductive area can be treated by hanging six Chinese coins suspended on a red string, adding a few plants to the room, or hanging a wind chime. Cancer issues or problems with the bones, spine or heart can also be treated with six Chinese coins on a red string, plants, wind chimes, or plants. A figurine of a laughing Buddha can also be helpful.

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