Our physical body is only as radiant as the invisible life force energy that is flowing through it. When we feel out of balance, low, hurt, negated or ill, we can be sure that an imbalance exists somewhere in our energy field. A negative interaction with a coworker doesn’t just put us in a bad mood, it also leaves traces of that negativity in our auras, where it will affect and alter the balance of our overall system. Our Chakras are the energy centers of our body. These spinning vortexes of light, color and vibration are placed along the spine, from the tailbone to the top of the head. They absorb and redirect Prana, or life force energy, to our entire system, promoting health and vitality in our bodies and our minds.

Everything vibrates with energy, be it positive or negative. Sound, light, color and thought are all made up of energy. When our Chakras become overtaxed and sluggish, it is often because we have picked up dirty energy from people or situations in our lives. Arguments, resentment, guilt, anger and fear bleed into our energy fields, wreaking havoc on our subtle energy bodies, and consequently, diminishing our physical health. We hold onto and store this negativity, often because we are so bound to our emotions that we do not know how to let go of them. Negative emotions promote negative energy. There is no way around it. When we let negativity invade our auras, it inevitably ends up in the Chakras. If it isn’t supposed to be there to promote life and creativity and movement and flow, then chances are it will slow down the movement of an otherwise healthy chakra and diminish it’s ability to function properly.

Using Energy Healing upon our Chakras is an effective way of clearing this debris out of our energy centers to facilitate the healthy ebb and flow of life force energy into our bodies. Such chakra healing is different from traditional medicine and pharmaceutical healing because it works with subtle levels of vibration underneath what we know reality to be. We are all made of energy and because of this we will all respond to it’s movement in our bodies.

There are many different modalities of energy work. They are mostly very similar in that they are all working with the same substance. Called Chi or Prana in Eastern methodologies, Universal Life Force by some, the electro-magnetic field by science, the Aura by New Agers and holy spirit by people of faith, it all basically amounts to the same substance that is being supported by all of the different modalities of energy healing. Our Chakras are conductors of this life force energy and when they become blocked, they can be unblocked by manipulating the energy that resides within them. Reiki, Quantum Touch, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Accupuncture and EFT are all different types of energy work that basically do the same thing... manipulate the energy flowing through us.

The benefits of energy work are many. It is relaxing, peaceful and comfortable. It brings about a state of deep relaxation and sometimes sleep. Working with energy does no harm, as the energy only goes where it is supposed to go. There is no way to ‘mess it up’ as the energy knows where in the body it needs to go. Dispelling negative energy that we have picked up is a natural function of our Chakras and something that they do automatically, however, we have become so depleted because of the emotional and physical messes that we have made in our world, our relationships and our lives that sometimes we just need a little boost. When we get sick, we take vitamins and support our bodies by drinking lots of liquids. When our energy is blocked, we use energy healing to dispel that blockage and heal our Chakras. We are so interconnected that one always and inevitably helps the other.

Energy medicine does not cure the Chakras of their ills, nor does it magically evaporate disease from the body. It does, however, lend energetic support to our subtle bodies and helps clear the roots of disease... which are vibratory in nature. Energy healing sees disease and illness as the result of an energy imbalance before it manifests in the physical body. These imbalances are what a good, focused energy worker can help us stabilize. When we speak of energy work as healing the Chakras, what we are really saying is that energy work releases blocked, stale and unhelpful energies so that the healthy, vibrant and uplifting ones can continue to come into our Chakras and support our well being and health.

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