Sometimes clients focus on a goal... and if it is too early, their subconscious may not be ready for it. Although they set a conscious goal the subconscious won't allow it into their life. As much as they desire it consciously, there is part of them still resisting and pushing the results away from them.

I would bet that you have experienced a time when you set an intention and really wanted some results, just to feel that you had strong resistance. You might feel frustrated and impatient, and even start to believe that the Law of Attraction was working against you or that the energy therapy modality that you were using did not work. I know that this has happened to me.

Over and over I see this occurring with clients. It is not that the goals set are impossible or that the individuals are doing anything wrong, per se, but there are simply higher priority issues awaiting removal before the set intention will be able to be fulfilled as desired. Inner resistance is stronger than the goals set, and emotional blockages are sabotaging success from the inside - out.

I love energy psychology and the powerful tools that support understanding this priority protocol and clearing the issues in a way so that success around the goal may be reached. In going about clearing blocks and attaining the goal using energy therapy modalities

1- there is balance,
2- it is easier than using sheer will and getting frustrated over and over when failures occur, and
3- once the resistance is cleared it is gone for good and similar future goals will be easy to attain.

So, why wouldn't somebody want to use tools like EFT, NET, TAT, AK, and others?

Well, this same internal subconscious resistance often places self growth, healing, happiness, abundance as a last priority because it may have been trained, conditioned, or abused into feeling that it, or the person, is:

- Unworthy of improving in health, well-being, finances, etc.
- Bad or nasty, and so is undeserving of positive life options,
- Deeply afraid of change - even for the better,
- Fearful of the unknown of what it will be like if and when the situation shifts,
- Reluctant to be the person that has these different dynamics in his or her life.

This is so subtle, and is usually hidden below many layers of more surface issues and symptoms that must be cleared first. Often clients just don't understand this. By listening to practitioners who focus on single specific niches like weight, abundance, financial wealth, marketing success, etc., a client might be led to believe that in one or two sessions these deep blocks can be cleared. This is very possible - if the subconscious is ready to let go of that particular issue. If not, then the client will run into an inner blockage and the facilitator will have to go deeper in order to support a clearing of resistance to occur and the subsequent reaching of the goal to happen.

The body, mind, and spirit have their own priority system... and we cannot control or over-ride that. We must learn to work with our subconscious and this inner system in order to more easily get the results that we desire in our lives. It is not difficult to learn how to do this, and once we have the keys into our subconscious, we will be one big step closer to having the answer to achieving all that we desire.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Anne Merkel is known internationally as EFT Coach Alchemist and Energy Psychologist with The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services.
She specializes in using N-hanced EFT (Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique), an energy clearing modality combining NET and EFT for conscious life and business transformation, wellness, and release of trauma. Anne invites you to learn how you may clear inner blocks, self-sabotage, and pain by visiting her EFT Coaching site and receiving her new e-guidebook, Ten Keys to Pure Potentiality.