According to popular belief , marijuana has a great impact in achieving relaxation for an individual. However, there is little medical research that addresses the use of cannabis for better sleep . To date, the results obtained seem very broad. It is important to buy from legit cannabis dealer in your country.

Proper sleep is required to maintain physical and mental balance in humans. In particular, the REM phase , which is referred to as deep sleep, is essential for good cognitive and immune function, that is, for the repair of the body.

Using cannabis for sleep

Regarding the type of cannabinoids that should be consumed to sleep better, various analyzes found that both CBD and THC have similar effects.

The strains richer in CBD are known for their relaxing effect, therefore, they are related to better sleep. Research from the University of Colorado highlighted that the calming activity in CBD promotes relaxation of the central nervous system, in addition to reducing daytime sleepiness.

It is worth mentioning that this function is still being tested; if verified, it would be helpful in balancing the sleep-wake cycle . However, the results showed that 25% of the participants with sleep disturbances noticed that their symptoms worsened with CBD.

Additionally, a 2008 article published in Sleep Medicine Reviews found that ingesting cannabis strains with higher THC levels generally reduces the amount of REM sleep , which means decreasing an individual's ability to dream.

So if a person dreams less deep time, they cannot get their full body repair, which could affect their quality of life in the long run.

Cannabis against insomnia

The aforementioned result was refuted by another research conducted in 2018 by the University of New Mexico , which recorded insomnia levels in 400 people, before and after consuming medical marijuana.

The results showed that the consumption of marijuana flowers is related to a decrease in insomnia , where side effects vary depending on the strain used and the method of consumption.

Other research carried out by the School of Pharmacopoeia at the University of London reinforced the hypothesis about the beneficial effect of THC on sleep by reaffirming its sedative properties.

Despite this, not everything is honey on flakes, as an analysis carried out by the Medical Center of the University of Freiburg, Germany, stated that using THC reduces the conciliation of sleep among people with or without sleep problems.

This fact was reaffirmed by a review of the literature, led by the Medical College of the University of Virginia in the United States. This compilation indicates that THC could decrease the time to fall asleep, but affect the quality of it in the long term.

However, very little is still known about the long-term effects of these cannabinoids on sleep . Other studies indicate that the combination of these two cannabinoids works better to promote natural sleep and to reduce the psychoactive side effects caused by THC.

Cannabis for better sleep

In an interview for the Healthline portal , Dr. Matt Roman , a specialist in the use of medical marijuana, said that the plant is effective for sleeping because it restores a person's natural sleep cycle .

In addition, the specialist spoke about the results of the use of cannabis for its analgesic properties, which provide some relief to people with chronic pain, while the anxiolytic properties can relieve the stressed mind and body.

In contrast, Dr. Jordan Tishler , a specialist in cannabis therapeutics, indicated that a strain with less than 20% THC will be difficult to dose , as too much THC can make the patient feel groggy and sleepy the next morning.

Therefore, before deciding on the use of cannabis to sleep better, it is necessary to talk with a sleep specialist , in order to monitor and monitor the health consequences of variations in sleep phases caused by the consumption of cannabis. plant.

Also, it is necessary to indicate that the use of cannabis to sleep better is a short-term solution , because, to sleep peacefully, good sleep hygiene is necessary and to incorporate routines that support a lifestyle that promotes good rest.

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