Acupuncture has quite a history. Archeologists have proven that acupuncture was performed in ancient China nearly three thousand years ago. At that time, sharpened rocks were used to help relieve pain and other ailments. The secret of acupuncture stayed within the country until the 1900s, and it has only been since the 1970s that people stopped seeing it as something strange and mystical, and realized the many benefits that acupuncture can bring to the body. It does, however, have one use you may not have considered – the treatment of infertility.

The inability to conceive can be heart-wrenching, and while there are a number of potential treatments in the world of western medicine, most have serious side effects that are, at the very least, concerning to potential parents. With a low risk of side effects and a high chance of success, many have looked to acupuncture to treat infertility. Not only does it have a long history of success in Eastern cultures, but it has also gained a strong backing from today’s scientific community, and thousands of Californians have found procedural success.

Part of what makes using acupuncture for fertility so successful for many Los Angeles couples who have been unable to conceive is the fact that it helps with conception on many levels. A study completed by researchers at Cornell University found that on a very simplistic level, it helps the mother reach a state of relaxation that’s simply not possible with other infertility treatments. That allows her body to regulate hormone levels, which then helps to improve the uterus’ lining. As a result, when the embryo is implanted, the uterus is strong enough to maintain the pregnancy.
These aren’t the only effects of using acupuncture for fertility, though. Other studies have shown that the procedure can increase blood flow to the uterus as well as increase the overall health of the woman involved with the treatment procedure.

With almost no risk of side effects, it’s not hard to see why so many Los Angeles area acupuncturists are seeing an uptake in business. More and more women in the local business area wait until they’re thirty-five or older to conceive, and that can make the entire process harder, so Los Angeles acupuncturists work hard to tailor their services to those individuals to help increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

If you think using acupuncture for fertility might be right for you, the first step is to find a clinic that meets your needs. Many Los Angeles acupuncture clinics specialize in the procedure for infertility, and often they’ll help to not only meet your acupuncture needs, but they’ll help you understand the mind-body connection and develop a treatment plan from a whole-body approach. From making suggestions about nutrition to offering strategies for stress relief, Los Angeles acupuncture clinics can help you find balance and health and help you add to your family. Many show high statistical success rates, and with such a low rate of side effects, it’s certainly one infertility treatment you may want to consider. And even if you are not looking to boost your fertility, there are many benefits of Los Angeles acupuncture where they can aid and assist in reducing stress, lowering anxiety, help one to stop smoking, and so much more. So should you need any improvement with your health, definitely take a look at how acupuncture might be of benefit.

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