If you are one of the millions of avid golfers enjoying at home putting greens, preparing your investment during the winter months is essential. Although the preparation varies depending on your geographical location and the type of turf material. The greens are actually quite complex and must be planned, installed and maintained correctly or they simply will not last. The green is built from the bottom up and must be structured perfectly in order for the best putting surface to be created.

Putting green wholesalers are the first place to begin the search. There are numerous of wholesale products available online offering customers an array of indoor and outdoor turfs and training aids. You can check out leading wholesalers website for items related to the sport. In addition, manufactures' websites occasionally offer specials, especially for new customers. By building the green so that it is somewhat above the level of the rest of the lawn, on a raised bed if you will, the green will be able to drain more easily. Adding a slight slope to the green will also aid in water rolling off and draining down into the rest of the yard.

Synthetic grass and the materials it is comprised of enable any building project to accrue several LEED points. The LEED program is a great incentive to adopt sustainability in building design, construction, and future operation. In a time in which conservation is crucial and finances are tight, synthetic turf can earn your building project tax rebates while adopting sustainability to conserve natural resources.

Artificial grass canada are manufactured from basically two different types of material: nylon and polypropylene. Nylon is usually more expensive when compared to the other material. The perks of nylon are is the fact it is much easier to install and maintain. Also, unlike the polypropylene greens, nylon putting turfs do not require a sand filling. Perhaps the greatest pro of nylon greens is the fact they are more durable.

There are numerous online companies offering a variety of products. When selecting a reputable and trustworthy company there are several things to take into consideration. Reading company and product reviews to assess the pros and cons of each may prove to be helpful. Visit company websites to determine what each has to offer.

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