A sense of innovation and thoughtfulness can help you get illuminated with a lot more than you can think of. You may know water softening salts to be the one and only source for softening water in your tanks.

However, if you care to take a deeper insight into the components and qualities of different types of water softener salts, you will know that there are so many other uses of water softening salt.

The water softening salt is not only considered ideal for softening hard water, but you can use it for your day to day life needs as well. Because salt has a number of minerals and also works as a dehydrator, made a list of the most surprising uses of water softening salt.

4 Best Uses Of Water Softening Salt

Best To Kill Unwanted Weeds

Are you fond of gardening, but these little brats just pop up out of nowhere when you try to beautify your lush green garden? Well, a lot of weed killers are available in the market, but using them can create a harmful effect on the overall look of your lawn. The growth of the other plants is also at risk when you use any of them.

There is a better plan to win the war against these tiny unwanted guests. Water softening salt! Don’t get amazed just because you didn’t know about that before.

As mentioned by SoftWaterTips, water softener salt is a dehydrator, which is why it can easily act as a desiccant. Just sprinkle the water softening rock salt over the area where weeds are growing, and it will suck their moisture killing them eventually.

A Better Option To Melt Ice On Walkways And Driveways

Another one in the list of the other uses of water softener salt is that you can melt the ice on your driveways and walkways. The only thing to consider is that you should never use water softening rock salt for this purpose.

When using water softener salt for your driveways, remember that the ice will expand on refreezing when it will melt. It can create a trouble for you to walk on it because it will become more slippery. Try to use it only when there is an extreme need for melting the snow or ice. Otherwise, there are high chances of the ice to refreeze more solid.

On the other hand, when you use it on your walkways, it’s a big yes! Just be careful not to sprinkle the salt over your plants or flowers on the side lane of your walkway.

Clean Your Frosted Freezers

Are you tired of waiting for the frost to melt on its own by just taking the plug out? Get rid of these tiresome waiting hours because it will only waste your precious time. Now, you can clean your frosty freezers without having to switch them off.

All you have to do is bring out all that you have stored in the freezer, sprinkle the water softener salt on the sides and base of the freezer, and all your worries will meltdown like the frost.

Make Delicious Ice Creams

If you want to make homemade ice cream that will not melt as soon as you put a spoon in it, then buy yourself water softening rock salt. It is ideal for lowering the freezing point of the ice cream. Add the salt in the ice that you will be using in the ice cream, and check the difference.


There is never a single use of anything. Water softener salts have countless minerals and qualities that make them useful for so man other things than just softening hard water. Just be sure that you use the right type of salt for different purposes to get the expected results.

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