A 3D architectural illustration is an art form, which has evolved a lot. It is an enhancement technique that offers critical detailing important in architectural projects. 

3D architectural rendering techniques allow architects to create three-dimensional animations or images aimed at showcasing every attribute necessary to be included in the design of the final project. Are you aware of how the designer team at Studio 2a makes use of 3D renderings?

Uses of 3D architectural illustration

In the real estate arena, the architectural 3D model is used for the following.

Design analysis

The main aim of the 3D building model is design analysis. Before 3D models, 2D designs were used but failed to offer intricate details necessary while real-time construction. With 3D designs, the constructors get an in-depth visualization and design analysis scope. Proper details help the construction team involved in the project to implement it better.

Marketing fundamentals

If a graphical 2D design model is provided to the new real-estate buyers, they will be unable to understand it. They can know the design and concept only if they have studied it. Therefore real-estate architects choose 3D designs to promote their construction project in an enhanced way. The product is purchased only when the customers understand the details.


Just showing numbers and dimensions in random boxes seem boring, but showcasing an artistic 3D graphical presentation helps clients understand what to expect from your project with ease. 

Other uses

Beyond the architectural arena, 3D rendering is used in -

  • Medical imaging
  • Movies
  • Safety training
  • Engineering
  • Virtual reality
  • Product mockups
  • Video games
  • And more

Impact of architectural 3D model 

A 3D architectural illustration is an artistic way to express the ideas of an architectural project. The architectural rendering concept is based on two different sides.

  • Psychological
  • Emotional

3D models are capable to impact the emotions of the viewers and simultaneously create an optimistic psychological impact on them. Therefore, 3D render plays a crucial role in drawing business to real estate firms. 

How 3D structural models help in architectural developments?

3D visualization helps architects to update their skills regularly and become an expert in their niche. With the advancement in technology, there is also an upgrade in architectural features. Down the road, architects will be competent to produce complex presentations more elaborately and detailed for their clients to understand. 

Nevertheless, the 3D project model brings in conceptions of security, safety, and sustainability. All these three elements are crucial for modern-day real estate projects or constructions. 3D rendering is a great digital technology that helps create things after considering factors like time, cost, and toil involved in the success of the project.

Significance of 3D rendering service

  • Start project marketing with a drawing board, thus reducing turnover time significantly.
  • Adjustments can be identified early and adjusted to ensure an excellent final result.
  • Saves a lot of cost in terms of time and money because this technique allows you to know the overall cost involved and the final date for completing the project. 
  • Clients can get a perfect picture with a clear project display and make an educated purchase decision.
  • The construction company also gets good funds, when presentations with 3D architectural visualizations are made. 

3D architectural visualization is a great way of communicating with your target audience!

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