Distribution transformers have a significant place in various industrial and domestic sectors. They are the main source of perfect voltage power supply to different types of electric and electronic equipment. It’s quite essential to know the uses and applications of distribution transformers to choose the right one for the desired demands.
Distribution Transformers and their Uses
Distribution transformers are the transformers that distribute or transfer the electricity to various end-use power applications. They are especially step-down transformers – they decrease the voltage levels down to the essential levels based on the application.
So, they are designed in such a way that the coils in the primary end are more than that at the secondary end. For any device to operate effectively, the electrical energy must pass through the distribution transformers.
Applications of Distribution Transformers
Distribution transformers have many important applications in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.
Different types of industries use different types of electric machinery that require discrete voltage levels. The power generated from power plants is at high levels and to enable the sufficient voltage supply to the industrial machinery, three-phase distribution transformers are used.
Based on the loads or equipment used in the specific industry, the capacity of the distribution transformer should be selected to ensure adequate power voltage.
Many eminent distribution transformer manufacturers in India design different models of transformers suitable for textile industries, light industries, automobile industries, chemical industries, food processing industries, etc. They assure voltage regulation for various applications like fabric seeming machinery applications, heat treatment systems, electronics systems, CNC lathes, engine crankers, ground power support systems, and so on.
Educational Institutions
Educational institutions including schools, colleges, and other universities need computers, lab equipment, and other such facilities. Moreover, other sophisticated infrastructures like lighting, air-conditioning ventilation means, elevators are common.
Therefore, specific distribution transformers are necessary to supply voltage to reach the needs of all such appliances. It’s important to maintain safety at such institutes – even the equipment and students’ safety is crucial. So, Servomax Limited – the top transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad – rely on global standards to follow stringent safety regulations.
Power Plant Applications
As the voltage at the power generation stations should be maintained for various applications, distribution transformers are used. They are useful for industrial power generation, mechanical drive solutions, oil and gas applications, and utility power generation. Several distributed energy solutions are also feasible with efficient and customized distribution transformers.
DISCOM Substations
Distribution transformers decrease the voltage levels at the DISCOM substations to transmit the ample power voltage. Servomax Limited and other such famous transformer manufacturing companies in Hyderabad design and manufacture these units in 11kV, 22kV, and 33kV that are most suitably used for distribution networks.
Customized sizes, capacities, and models are to be designed by the government and private-based DISCOM substations to reach rural and urban power distribution applications. Such units are made with capacities of 25kVA, 63kVA, 100kVA, and so on up to 2500 kVA.
However, to avoid unnecessary transformer losses, it’s essential to manufacture them with proper and standard raw-materials like copper. Also, outstanding manufacturing processes have to be followed to increase reliability, save costs, increase kVA capacity, etc.
Solar and Wind Applications
Renewable power sources have great significance nowadays. Electricity generation from solar and wind power plants need large-sized units to step-down the voltage to enable distribution.
Solar and wind applications, especially, are prevailing today that need different capacities of distribution transformers. Solar dryers, thermostats, lighting, solar air conditioning and other such solar energy-based applications cherish substantial power voltage and this can be attained by simple and compact distribution transformer units.
Windmills have a significant role in power generation – characteristic models of distribution transformers with higher efficiency and reliability are manufactured by the best power and electrical transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad.
Commercial Complexes
Commercial complexes including shopping malls, movie theatres, clubs, restaurants, hotels, multiplexes, etc. need varied sizes of distribution transformers to adequately allow power voltage to elevators, video and audio players, electric and electronic machinery, and other appliances.
Residential Houses and Villas
House-hold power-based appliances work appropriately with the effective voltage-transfer by distribution transformers. Gated communities, apartments, villas, and other such residential housing colonies need such transformers. Based on the appliances or load capacities, the capacity of the distribution transformers is designed and arranged in appropriate positions to ensure better power transfer.
Hope this information helps you to know about the spectacular applications of distribution transformers. Now, calculate your load capacity, budget, and power demands to purchase efficient, reliable, and outstanding models from the best company like Servomax Limited.

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Now, calculate your load capacity, budget, and power demands to purchase efficient, reliable, and outstanding models from the best company like Servomax Limited.