Usefulness of Dreams
by Adam Sweeney

There are thousands of theories on the meaning of dreams. However, this article is specifically on the benefits which dreams can provide to you and how you can use them to your advantage in order to attract more abundance into your life.

During our dream time we have access to all the worlds and dimensions within creation. We do not always consciously choose what we dream about, but our higher consciousness does and puts us into a range of realities anywhere from our biggest fears to our greatest desires. Being in these “other realities”, each one corresponds to a vibration which you feel as emotion in your dreams. If you ever want to try to interpret your dreams the most important question you need to ask yourself is…“How was I feeling in the dream?” Being in the dream reality you are forced into a situation where you have to feel your true emotions on certain subjects, in different places and about specific people. Depending on how you feel during your dreams, you wake up in a similar mood or vibration.

You may think if you have “bad” dreams or ones that make you really sad, it would be a rough start to your day and it may feel like this. It may also be the case that you were completely happy the day before and you are wondering why your dreams would reflect something different. These dreams which can put you into feelings of lower vibrations when you wake up are trying to get your attention! These are emotions you have been holding on to and they are trying to come up from your subconscious in order to be released. If you ignore them or try to cover them with other thoughts they will sink back down and will try to resurface with more force another time. Therefore, this is actually an opportunity to acknowledge these feelings and release them once and for all. You may have to think for a bit to realize what the main emotional trigger is and writing down your dream and how you felt in the dream helps. Then sit with the feeling and allow whatever happens to happen. If you become more scared then keep thinking about it until it loses its effect and gets boring. If you feel sad and you need to cry then do it and keep purging the emotional thought which produces the tears until the reaction becomes weak and nothing comes out anymore. Emotions can become weak and dull and disappear if you use them up like when you are watching a funny movie five times and you are no longer finding the jokes funny anymore. This can actually take only several minutes if really focused. The (almost immediate) effects of this releasing work result it feeling lighter and happier in much longer intervals than before, enabling you to attract and manifest more positive things into your life.

There is of course another side to this coin. This is when you have really great dreams of perhaps winning the lottery, traveling, meeting special people, being famous, etc. These realities do exist and we access them in our dreamtime. If we are having these dreams at all it means that we are at least in the vibrational vicinity of these realities. Your higher consciousness brings you into these realities so you can feel the vibrations first hand of what it is like to have… an abundance of wealth, a lover, going sky diving, playing a concert to a crowd of thousands of people. Therefore, when you wake up and whether you remember the dream or not you feel good for some reason. You in a sense are the vibration of someone that already “has” those things. During the day you hold on to those vibrations and feelings and live like that version of yourself. If you do this you may be surprised that during this day or week you attract something, someone or a situation which gives you back the feelings you had in the dream and therefore shifting your reality to that of the good dream.

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Adam Sweeney is an expert in manifestion, the law of attraction, and reality creation. He has coached dozens of clients in attracting various desires from all aspects of life into their reality so they may lead the awesome lives they all deserve. You may view his serice page at