The high utility value of modern homes is due to the inbuilt functionality of the kitchen and the storage units in the living and bedrooms. You can be sure that the new homeowner is only guessing the space and needs of each room when he is buying his house. The advent of pre-designed modular kitchen units and wardrobes has cut down the uncertainty factor in a large way.

Different Shapes of the Kitchens

To be sure, the offerings by way of kitchen units can remain categorized according to their shape or function. So, we have the L shaped kitchen and the U shaped kitchen. These are the two popular shapes for most modern homes in Delhi and other leading metros in India. Then, there is the classification according to the use. Here we have the Island kitchen and the Open-Ended Kitchen. The Island Kitchen is functional but has one disadvantage. It lacks space.

To accommodate the greatest functionality into the least space, we make the Island kitchen operate in this way. It has the base between the storage unit, the fridge, and the sink. The third point of the triangle acts as the vegetable processing point before cooking begins. Then, it becomes the stove or oven after you have done the cutting. The L shaped kitchens are also burdened by space restriction.

The Uniqueness of the L Shaped Kitchen

You can see the various models from the L Shaped Kitchen designers in Delhi. They have one thing in common. They have the sink at the lower end of the L shape to help make use of the limited space in the best way. Otherwise, the kitchen is one big long extension. You can do the cutting, cleaning, and cook at any point on this long line. By moving up or down this line you can optimize the work inside the kitchen.

There are inherent drawbacks in this type of kitchen module. One is that you will not have enough flow because one work will block the movements of the next work. The limited space further cuts down the options so you have to wait until one thing gets done to proceed to the next thing.

Usefulness of U Shaped Kitchens

To overcome this defect, we have the U shaped kitchens. There is a continuous flow of work because there is much internal space. You can begin work at one end of the U and then move as you need to get the work done fast. This improves the functioning of the kitchen. You can see the various models on the website of the U Shaped Kitchens designers in Delhi. They have small kitchens and very large kitchens. The only shortcoming of this type of modular kitchen is that you must have the space to keep the kitchen module.

Use of aluminum helps to reduce the effort needed and also the cost. Aluminum takes shine you can work on it with ease. You do not need expert knowledge to cut and fit the aluminum sheets to form cabinets and tabletops. It takes a variety of colors and retains the shine for a long time.

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