Is it really possible to get over past problems and get back with ex-boyfriend or is it better to forget the past and continue your life?

For many of us, the idea of a possible reconciliation with the former partner is a boring one, with the possibility of living a life as a single being more attractive. Let's face it; there are few relationships that end up over night. In most cases, misunderstandings occur at least several months before the split and when you finally decide to put an end to the relationship, property division nightmare begins: Who’s going to take the collection of CDs or the cat? (not to mention about cases where children are involved!).

Most psychologists say that a relationship can recover, but (and it is a strong "but"!) this is likely to happen only if you solve the problems that led to the breakup. If you ignore them, surely that reconciliation will not last long.
In some cases, things are very simple: it is possible that the problem was about immaturity, so as the two persons grow in age and experience everything will be okay and back to normal. Even more serious problems can be solved. If for example your partner had an affair, it can be really painful to continue the relationship. But a few years later you may feel able to try again. To be sure that the new trial will be successful forgiving is not enough, but instead you should always try to solve the problem of trust, which is not easy at all.

As always, the key is communication. If there was good communication from the first time, you would have not been apart. A second attempt will be a successful one only if you overcome the difficulties of the past and get ready to get involved more in the relationship.

Always remember that in order for a person to change, you need something more than just a promise. Do not rely solely on what he says - and look at how he behaves. In extreme cases, there is a big difference between one who says that he will give up drinking and the one who really did it. The same thing is applicable for you: if you make promises you cannot perform then the relationship will not last.

Finally, you have to clarify the reasons why you want your old relationship back. If you reconcile with a former boyfriend just because you feel that time passes and do not want to be alone, there are strong chances for the relationship to fail again. Examine your feelings carefully, just to make sure that you truly love him.

What to do now?
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