When people said that men and women are completely different creature, they were right about this. Maybe there are certain parts or characteristic that men and women shared the same, but most of them are not. Acne treatment is one of the best examples. Acne can be happened on men and women, but the treatment that each gender needs to take is completely different. It is because men and women do not share the same bodies system, same hormones, and lifestyles. This is why acne solutions and skin care routines need to be adjusted accordingly. So, what is the suitable acne skin care regimen for a man?

Clogged facial follicles can trigger acne breakout:

Believe it or not, shaving the face actually can cause acne breakout. It is mainly because hair follicles become clogged during shaving process. This will lead to bacteria build-up on your skin, and eventually cause acne blemishes on your skin. It can even happen on men who are not particularly breakout prone. Not only that, improper shaving may also cause redness, irritation, and bumps on your skin. In order to prevent clogged facial follicles, it is recommended for you to use a daily exfoliating treatment. This treatment can clear out those dead and dry skin cells from your skin, and allow your skin hair to grow naturally without any difficulty.

Active lifestyle is one of the keys to acne breakouts.

Compares to women, men are more active when it comes to playing sports and exercising. While doing exercise is beneficial for your health, there is something you need to know. When you are doing an exercise or playing a sport game long enough, you bound to sweat, and this sweat can cause acne breakout all over the face and body if you leave it alone long enough. Simply put, active lifestyle and routines require frequent face and body washing. It is also important for men to look for a gentle acne treatment product that will not irritate the skin condition. It is not recommended for you to wash your face more than two times a day, as this act can cause dehydration on your skin.

Do not underestimate the redness and irritation

Many women do not have to worry about the redness and irritation on their faces because they do not shave their face every day. As for men, you need a little attention on this matter. Shaving for men tends to lead to irritation, dryness and redness. Well, it is because of the razor used on the skin’s surface. This is why men need moisturizer and soothing skin products if they want to protect their skin from irritation. These skin products will lessen the irritation that caused by shaving, and soothe post-shaving redness and dryness.

Remember that men are not women, and a man’s acne treatment conditions are not the same with a woman. Just because pimples and acnes can happen on both genders, this does not mean that the best treatment option works on both genders.

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