Getting a 3D printer can be an exciting experience. Using your 3D printer, you can print almost anything that comes into your mind, including toys and household items. However, before you can start using your new printer, there are several things you need to know.

Here are some useful 3D printing tips for newbies.

Use a safety gear

Resin 3D printers require a pool of liquid resin and UV light to craft almost anything you imagine. However, the liquid resin is highly toxic. Touching the liquid resin or breathing in its fumes can cause severe health problems. It is why it is necessary to get the right safety gear to ensure that your printing hobby doesn't affect your health.

Fortunately, if you are using a filament printer or a laser cutter, most of the materials you are likely to use are non-toxic. However, it is advisable to wear noise-canceling headphones as such printers are loud.

First, when operating 3D printers, you need to wear disposable and tear-resistant gloves. Use a pair that makes it easy to see if you have resin on your hands. As a result, you will avoid touching anything else.

Secondly, you will have to wear a respirator mask. The ideal mask should be comfortable to wear and remove, have filters, and not restrict breathing.

Read the Instruction Manual

Before you can start using your two Ender printers, it is advisable to read the instruction manual first. The manual helps you assemble the printer quickly and correctly. Additionally, some manuals will tell you what to do when you encounter a specific printing problem.

Some manuals will tell you how to clean your 3D printer. There are many ways to clean your printer, but the easiest is to rinse it with isopropyl alcohol.

Practice Patience

Before you start using your printer, you need to understand that laser cutting and 3D printing take time. For instance, most uncomplicated prints can take up to six hours. Filament and resin printers can take longer to allow the UV light and heat to set the plastic. Additionally, you cannot rush a process that requires minute calculations and pinpoint accuracy.

Moreover, not everything you print is going to turn out as you expect. It could be because you didn't use the right material, there is an issue with the hardware or a minute miscalculation. Therefore, you need to take your time to figure out the problem and repeat the process.

Always Be Tinkering

3D printers use messy materials such as resin. When it gets everywhere, it is likely to shadow the UV light film. Additionally, dust can obscure your 3D printer's lens, and the filament can harden or get blobby around the print head. Therefore, you must take care of your printer.

Regularly clean your printing machine and inspect the essential elements such as the UV film, lenses, etc. The aim is to make sure that the above aspects are free and clear of obstruction. You can also change the resin after using the printer for a while.

If you do not know what is happening to your printer, you can seek answers online. There is a good chance you will discover a website such as or a forum that discusses issues related to your brand.

Be Creative

After printing some of the starter models on your 3D printer, the next step is to look for other ideas. Even though you can source for ideas online, it is good to try your own occasionally. A perfect mix of the two would ensure you enjoy the 3D printing experience.

The above are useful tips to help you begin your 3D printing journey. Following them will ensure that you enjoy printing almost anything you imagine.

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