A used car salvage title is a confirmation that the car is useless of being operated on road because of suffering a flood, fire, accident or certain other mishap.

Differing Rules in Different Regions

In United States different states give away salvage titles for varied degree of damage faced by the automobile. However generally seventy five percent of impairment is liable for such a title in most of the states.

Many times insurance companies declare an automobile beyond restoration but they are issued salvage titles. In these cases it depends on the conditions determined by the insurance providing companies for what amount of harm to call as unable of repair.

One more remarkable thing is if a vehicle has been issued a salvage title it might not essentially have met with a disaster. Often police hold a vehicle stolen and made use of for an offense and such a vehicle too is given a salvage title. In salvage auto auctions if such types of vehicles are being sold at discounted money, the purchaser can be much benefited because such automobiles are generally in nice status.

In certain states salvage title is not required for used vehicles. In these states the titles are only issued if asked for by the car owner. Two aspects viz. weight as well as age of the vehicle are thought upon while giving away the title in these regions.


While purchasing a pre-owned car, the consumer has to be careful since s/he can face many frauds in connection with used car salvage title. Sometimes the salvage titles are not revealed by the owners of the car. Each year numerous salvage cars arrive back to the road because of being purchased by unaware purchasers. These cars are not given essential repair. Car owners.make some superficial repair to reveal that the car is in fine condition and purchaser buys it for a value which is much greater than its actual worth.

Title washing is a common fraud. In this the owner of the car shifts the car to an area where there are not much stringent rules of salvage titles and enlists the vehicle there. During the procedure, the state may not document that the automobile had a salvage title in the past. Car owners reach an extent of shifting the car to several states till its title is entirely washed of from the documents.

Beware of Scams

To be aware if the vehicle has a salvage title, demand the title document from the car owner and check out its wording if it reveals a salvage title. Usually phrasing such as totaled, junked, reconditioned, warranty returned or rebuilt points towards that it is a salvage title. The wording changes from territory to territory. Therefore you need to be careful.

Get Used Automobiles from Salvage Auto Auctions to Keep Away from Cons

People feel the need of used car for several intentions. Some require them as a secondary car; some need them for saving money, whereas some necessitate them simply for a hobby. However you should save yourself from cons and preferably purchase a pre-owned vehicle from salvage auto auctions.

In the auctions also you need to be careful not to be lured by seeing an excellent car. You need to set a limit for yourself and if the auction value is going beyond it, you should leave it. Else it may happen that you land in purchasing a secondhand car at a cost of a brand new car. This must be strictly avoided.

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