Prosperity is often associated with money. The more money you have, the more prosperous you become. This has become a common belief that is false.

Most of our lives, we have been taught by the our instinct and society to be "go-getters"; meaning, we have been taught to always grab the opportunity to make money as much as we can to have a prosperous living. But for most people who believe in this, seem to have the opposite situation of what they want, resulting to depression and regret.

In order to turn your life around now, let us define first prosperity. Prosperity and a prosperous living is defined as a successful, flourishing and thriving condition. As you can see in the definition, there was no term "money" used. Because it has nothing to do with the money!

The reason behind poverty among us in spite being "go-getters", is that we are not in our prosperity state; there are perceptions among ourselves, the people around us and the world that takes away the feeling of being successful, thriving and receptive to the money to come in.

When your prosperous consciousness is awake, you are more open to the ways to make money, more effective in your job or business, open to other money making ideas, and attracting prosperity partners. Only after then the money will start pouring in, and even you might not believe how much abundance is available. The people around you will just watch you in awe.

If you want to make more money, you have to be and feel prosperous first, because people who are in this state are the ones who will attract money.

This is a simple exercise that can put you in that state, doing this regularly can awaken your prosperity consciousness.

List 10 things or more that is wonderful in your life on the top of your mind. What are you thankful for? What makes you happy everyday? What are the resources or skills you have that are you thankful for? Doing this regularly connects you to your prosperous state, opening your mind to new horizons. Do it now and feel the shift of your mind and feelings.

Author's Bio: 

Matthew Ferry is an Author and a coach for conscious business people and executives who are committed to feeling bliss and happiness and using that energy to create a successful life.
Life Coaching and being a life coach is his main course.