It’s hard to stand back and watch someone that you care about, a beautiful, amazing human being speak themselves out of being healthy. The “it’s too hard”, “I have no time”, “I don’t like the way it tastes”, “I’m too busy” excuses that rob them of their health and years of life on this planet.

So often, I find that people believe it is diet and exercise that will help them achieve their weight loss goals.

They’re wrong.

Well...not entirely, but as important as diet and exercise is to good health, it is just as important to have a attitude that will support you getting there.

A healthy body begins with a healthy mind and the six inches between your ears is the first thing to get into shape. As important as it is to remove junk food from your kitchen, it’s just as important to remove the junk from your mind. You can have all the support systems in place with all the right tools but if you have a negative attitude or your self-esteem is in the toilet, you won’t create long-term success.

Ready to become unstuck?

Creating the right attitude is so vitally important because thought IS behavior. The power of the mind is complete...the way in which you think about yourself, your body and your life manifests into your reality. It’s so easy for negative thoughts to turn into lack of confidence, hopelessness, despair and depression. And to comfort yourself with your favorite soul food, sit on the couch and stay stuck. It’s so easy for our views of ourselves to become self-fulfilling prophecies.

There are many things you can do to course correct. You can:

•Meditate/pray/journal each morning, focusing on your daily goals. This gives purpose to your day.

•Each night, before you sleep, envision the ultimate you, the strong, healthy, happy, successful person that you dream yourself being.

•Be in gratitude. Before more is available to you, you must first be in gratitude of what you have. Be grateful for your body NOW. Be grateful for your health NOW. Be grateful for your life NOW.

•Implement one small change to your lifestyle each week. So often, people jump 100% into an eating or exercise plan. Then burnout as life catches up. This all or nothing thinking can lead to another incompletion that then is dragged behind as another failure. Instead...choose one lifestyle change each week (for example...week one, add an additional glass of water to each day. week two, add two extra glasses of water). These small changes create a ripple effect for both your body and your mind ("Yay, I did it!") that re-enforce additional changes.

•Keep track of your thoughts. For a few days, keep a journal with you and write down the negative thoughts that come to you. You may be surprised at how often they show up. And with that awareness, you can then begin to monitor them more closely and eventually begin to automatically substitute them with positive, life affirming thoughts until your unconscious disposition is more positively focused.

Author's Bio: 

Lynette Patterson is a weight strategist and life extension specialist, dedicated to supporting people thru the weight loss process but more importantly, helping them keep it off for life. Having lived on the weight loss yo-yo herself, she applies her personal history with her life and health coach training to motivate, encourage and inspire others to their best state of health too. For more information on Lynette, visit