Proper marketing of online businesses is as much essential as marketing for “real” businesses carried out from “brick and mortar” stores. There are innumerable websites dealing in the same product and so each of the different business entities has to do whatever it takes to make itself heard. Many of the online ventures are opting for search engine optimization techniques to improve the volume and quality of traffic to their web sites from search engines. The idea is to make a site rank high in search engine listings and draw more visitors. Once the SEO campaign is properly established, the companies would need to look out for new avenues to draw visitors and this is where the blogs come into the picture.

Blogs are the new way to draw a target audience to sites and market any business. The first step is to identify blogs that would be related to the products and services of the business venture or company that is hoping to use it as a marketing tool. A little amount of research is necessary for this though. Once certain blogs that fulfill this criterion are identified, the next step is to drop the name of the business – that needs to be promoted - in one or many of these blogs. One can subscribe to these blogs and post comments mentioning his particular business. This way, he could be sure of reaching out to a large cross section of his target audience in an effective manner.

In such blog posts, friends and family members can also pitch in and post some positive feedback on the business in question. However, care must be taken to ensure that the blog posts do not resemble a compelling “sales pitch.” This would have an adverse impact on the e-commerce ventures that need to be promoted and do more harm than good. The business owners need to be clear in their mind as to what they want to say in their blog posts.

The best way to go about it is to make the initial posts under a generic email account to maximize the venue for creating traffic. A business owner can later on log on by his business name and express his gratitude towards all the other bloggers for their comments. This way, he can make the blog to be a forum for promoting his business interests. Using blogs to drive traffic to websites has gained in popularity in recent years, as the results of such initiatives have been very much promising. Using blogs to generate traffic could take a little time, but the results are worth every bit of effort put in.

Blogs are the also another way of web promotion. Blogs can also be used in another way to drive traffic to targeted websites. Blogs could be written with specific keywords related to specific businesses and industry segments; these could then be submitted in one or more of the online directories. This type of content would be picked up by the search engines and this in turn would place sites on the top of search engine rankings.

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