Can you live an extraordinary successful life with your ordinary state of mind? Certainly not! You need to upgrade your mental horizon to such a level from where you can see your true giant picture.

It’s a fact that you are a talented person, whether you admit it or not. I sincerely believe that every child is born with some kind of God gifted talent. It’s a pity that most people fail to discover their talents and, therefore, remain unsuccessful throughout their lives. If you remain unsuccessful it’s your own fault. Discover yourself and live a successful life. Self discovery is an exciting and fruitful activity that leads you to know all about yourself. It’s a way of discovering your true identity and your true worth.

You need to discover your hidden talents. Age is no barrier. You can discover your talents at any age. At the age of 45, I discovered that I possess speaking skills. Though I was a shy person but by using my inner talent and encouragement from my friends, my fear and shyness vanished away and I became a successful speaker. Likewise, at the age of 50, I became an author and a poet by discovering my writing skills. Most people discover their talents after retirement because at that time they are free from work and have ample time to concentrate on themselves.

Like a successful person you need to polish and use your talents for achieving extraordinary success in your life. Overcome your weaknesses and improve your strengths. Your habits play a big role in improving your life. You must decide to get rid of your bad habits and start developing good habits.

Look and behave like an extraordinary successful person. Never leave your house in the morning without putting a winning smile on your face and a confident attractive look. Sorry, no gloomy face or the posture of a broken unsuccessful person is helpful. Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself “Am I looking like a successful confident person?”. I am sure that with a few days practice you will be able to do this naturally.

Prepare yourself to play a much bigger role in your life, whatever the circumstances. Stand tall and outstanding in all situations. Don’t let fear to ruin your life. Smile and say good bye to your old living style.

Now is the turning point of your life. Your action or inaction will decide your fate. Either you will remain the same unsuccessful person throughout your life or become a highly successful confident person. The choice is yours!!!

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