In a recent article on the Alabama-LSU football game, I stated, "a fumble is simply a recovery waiting to happen." It was as though Dont’a Hightower heard me, because he sacked Jordan Jefferson, LSU's quarterback and caused a fumble in the fourth quarter of the BCS Championship game. The Crimson Tide of Alabama recovered the fumble and there were no missed opportunities this time. This fumble recovery subsequently led to the only touchdown in the game!
‘Bama learned from their mistakes, and this time LSU was allowed to cross the fifty yard line only one time. The kicking game improved greatly. Previously the Tide’s two kickers missed four field goals between them; this time, Jeremy Shelley kicked five field goals, tied for the most in any bowl ever. The Crimson Tide used their mistakes as a stepping stone to win the BCS title game in a convincing manner resulting in its 14th national championship.

Use these five tips to effectively use your mistakes as a stepping stone to success:

1. Reflect on your mistakes, and learn from them. Mistakes can serve as valuable teaching tools. There are valuable lessons to learn from your mistakes if you take the time to critically evaluate them. Like The CrimsonTide, we have to review our plan and determine what we need to change to succeed. Coach Saban created a master plan to shut down the LSU Tigers, which allowed the Crimson Tide of Alabama to win in an impressive fashion and left no doubt that they were the best college football team in the nation. The Tide learned from its mistakes and recorded the first shutout in the history of the BCS title game. This proves the value of the lessons learned if you take the time to use your mistakes as a stepping stone to success.

2. Treat a mistake as a natural part of a maturation process. Making a mistake is simply a natural part of getting things right. Everyone has made a mistake; however, most mistakes can be corrected if you work diligently. Be persistent and consistent, and remain focused on your goals.

3. Mistakes are opportunities for growth. Analyze your mistakes, and learn to accept constructive criticism. This will allow you to learn from your mistakes. Surely, the kickers at Alabama had to accept that they could do better. They had to acknowledge that they needed to put in extra time to improve. When we make a mistake, we must put in the extra time it takes to improve our skills. If we put in the time, our corrective actions can lead to success.

4. Take pride in perfecting your deficiency. The Crimson Tide believed that they were the best team. They acknowledged they made mistakes and previously missed opportunities. In order to grow, and improve, we have to first acknowledge that we made mistakes. Otherwise, we can’t move forward. When we fail to acknowledge that we need to do better, we deprive ourselves of reaching our goals, and this can lead to self-pity. It is best to accept the criticism and take the responsibility to improve.

5. Work, Work, and More Work. To correct a mistake, and perfect a deficiency means we must work hard. Alabama previously missed four field goals. In winning the BCS Championship, Alabama made five field goals. To develop the confidence to make the field goals requires discipline, delayed gratification and hard work. When we exercise discipline, hard work and delayed gratification, we will become like the Crimson Tide of Alabama and determine our destiny, which will result in success.

My prescription for overcoming mistakes: Get started today and use your mistakes as a catalyst for success!!

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