Use These “3”, & Your Willpower Makes You a Brainiac
• 1. “Tell me what makes SpeedReading101 work.”

• 2. “You control the three (3) elements of your life, & work them. Do you really care, or just want to focus on the “take-away”, the end-results?”

• 3. “If I’m going to be an expert “instructor” to corporate executives, I really want the “theory” behind SpeedReading101.”

• 4. “Simplicity means how to explain a complex subject so that a smart 10-year-old kid gets it.” Here are the three (3) parts that produce SpeedReading101. Get-it-now.

• 5. a) Consciousness: unlike all other living entities, you have an “awareness”, an ability-to-focus using your five (5) senses. So what? It brings our experience to “life”.

• 6. Stay with me. You can understand data (can dogs or even chimps read, write & speak?). You can analyze, and you can choose to save knowledge to your long-term memory.

• 7. You got a “mind”, that acts as both a “trigger” and “guide” to organize and create the kind of life you want.
It’s your “INTELLIGENCE” in your left & right brain.

• 8. Last one, is “Thought”, which runs planning & follow-through to create the life you want, 24/7. “Thought”, creates emotion to motivate you, & you react with
“behaviors” to win or self-sabotage.

• 9. “You say, a lot, “Facts just TELL, while Stories SELL”, meaning persuade, convince & influence. I got “Consciousness-Mind-Thought”, now paint me a picture.”

• 10. “OK, you control your “thoughts” which is the linchpin to “consciousness & mind”. Here are “7-life-changing-words”. Learn and remember them to WIN!

• 11. “You do-NOT-Have-to-Think That!” You can CANCEL-CANCEL offending thoughts any time by saying the two-killer-words by Emile Coue`. Say them with me, “Cancel-Cancel.”

• 12. And they (negative thoughts) will NOT persist, just terminate permanently. But you must do two-things,
mentally visualize “Xing-out” the negative thought, & feel the emotional power of using your “intention”.

• 13. “You got it? “Cancel-Cancel!”, “Xing-out”, & emotionalizing your “Intention” to beat-up negative-thoughts.”

• 14. “I got it. Can I go backwards to “Squinting”, and what bothers me?”

• 15. “Let me guess. Why does Squinting of your eyes work to triple your reading speed etc. Good. It’s easy and you can visualize it quickly.

• 16. “Please don’t analyze it, it is neuroscientific FACT.
a) ‘Squinting’ changes the SHAPE of your eyes.
b) ‘Squinting’ permits “letting in more ‘light’ into your cornea, pupil, & lens.

• 17. “So what, for SpeedReading101?”

• 18. “Changing the SHAPE, and LETTING-IN more-light,
permits you speed read five-words at a
time, instead a lousy, one (1). You triple your reading speed, & double your memory. Got it now? Speed Reading101 inhibits “foveal central memory”, with its
narrow-focus of just one-word at-a-time.

So which is better, “Tunnel-Vision” or W-i-d-e, ‘Soft-Focus’, a/k/a as Peripheral-Vision?
That’s it, See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

Author's Bio: 

Bernard Wechsler, was business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator
of Speed Reading. Graduated 2-million, including the White House staffs of FOUR U.S. Presidents. Presently, Educational
Director of international marketer of
speed reading strategies for executives, students through
graduate school, and the general public.