Have you ever noticed that people who behave like a class act tend to go further in life, and their work and personal relationships are more harmonious and less stressful?

Why is that? Is it because they have less drama and chaos in their life than most people? Maybe sometimes, but often it's because they've been through a lot and in the process learned how to react positively to adversity.

The world is full of rude people, and people who don't realize they're overstepping boundaries or being disrespectful. Sooner or later you will encounter these types and that's when you have a choice (and at times a spiritual test). You can stoop to their level and potentially start a battle, but this will just add more stress to your life. And you don't want to create any negative karma, do you?

The other option is to behave like a class act and avoid taking the actions of others personally. Allow a person to be childish if they must (hey, it's their karma!) and then respond to him or her like an adult.

Do you want to be known as someone who is patient, polite, kind, mature, and able to listen and communicate well, or the opposite?

This is especially important to keep in mind when dealing with people who don't take responsibility for their actions. The minute you react to their actions in a negative way, they will blame you for the conflict they started.

Based on our many years of empirical research, we've found that many such situations in life are the result of fate and karma. But you have free will to react in a positive way, as a class act, to minimize the negatives and maximize the positive outcome.

Affirmations can help you accomplish this. You can shape your reality with your thoughts, within the confines of your fate.

It's up to you: you can focus on the negative aspects of life, or you can accept and rise above them.

Side note: We realize it's not always possible to respond like a saint to everyone, especially when you're tired, having a difficult day, or someone really pushes your buttons. This is one reason we like to meditate daily as it helps to keep us calm enough to think before we react. Also, sometimes you need to be harsh to defend yourself or make it clear you won't tolerate disrespect.

Below are 19 helpful affirmations to become a class act. Choose one or more and repeat it often to yourself. The more you do so, the more likely your mind will accept it and play along.

1) I'm patient and understanding.

2) I like being polite.

3) I react calmly and confidently.

4) I like to help others.

5) I am good at listening.

6) I speak with calm confidence and compassion.

7) I'm kind and compassionate.

8) I'm choosing to act and respond adult-like.

9) I express myself with love.

10) I'm relaxed and compassionate when socializing.

11) I accept everyone as they are.

12) I project a calm confidence while socializing.

13) I'm comfortable being me.

14) I forgive everyone, including myself.

15) I'm accepting others as they are.

16) I am a class act and behave like one.

17) I'm choosing to forgive.

18) I like to laugh and make others laugh.

19) I express myself with compassion and confidence.

Now that you know how your thoughts influence your reality, you can use these affirmations to become a class act.

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