Over the past years, various social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter have emerged as increasingly popular and effective job search options. They are great to build your network share information and build new connections.
The job search scene is witnessing sea change as employers, job seekers, recruiters discover the potential and the power being unleashed by the social media. This has lead to the emergence of a new breed of “social job seekers” who are quite adept at utilizing the mega social networks with ingenuity and that too with a remarkable degree of success. It so turns out the more you happen to be using a social network the more likely you are to see yourself as a success in finding a job. “Super Social Seekers” know their way through the maze of , Twitter, or LinkedIn.
When more and are taking to these websites for finding newer job opportunities, it is only natural that employers follow suit.
As things stand around 40 percent of recruiters are currently taking to social media to recruit or maybe screen potential candidates. This in itself underscores the import of maintaining a clean & active online presence, that too while you are actively searching for a job. Now first things first, though it may sound obvious.
Clean up your act
Before you start on you super social job seeking trail, a word of caution though, you need to take some time out to tidy your online presence on at least the major social networks. After all these days your online reputation is as important as your offline presence.
Build connections
With these networks expanding , imagination is the only limit in how you can incorporate them in your job search. In the past keeping up with many different connections and contacts was a pain, that no longer is the case. It is all the more easier to organize them, reach out and forge new connections, even you just come across a person only very briefly.
Be visible
You have competition on social media, work hard to become a known voice in very many different communities. Initiate meaningful discussions, share your knowledge and be on top your game. Participate in various online forums, make your presence felt on Quora, StackExchange and other similar websites.
Manage online reputation
The moment you apply for an opening, the employer takes to social media, so discretion is advised when sharing online. Do not post embarrassing or negative comments about your current employer even you are tempted to. Keep your personal and sensitive information private by modifying your privacy settings, this will prevent you from sharing such information with potential employers.
Disadvantages of using social media
Given the scale and reach of the internet and the numerous social networking websites, it by no means implies the end of job search engines or job search websites, on the contrary
You would find it difficult to stand out from the crowd on the social platforms, whereas on the job search engines or job search websites you can easily carve out a presence or can be made to stand out. The best job search sites do not damage your career, if you already are working on a job, and still announcing your intention for a new position on social media. A best job search site can let you find a job anonymously.
Besides managing a successful online presence across multiple social networking platforms requires a great deal of time and commitment, still many employers prefer to adopt the traditional route of hiring through employment agencies and best job search websites.

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In the day and age of social media one should definitely leverage its power, while doing so it is advised to harness the power of traditional mediums and entities for a successful cost and time effective job search.