Deeply engrained in our bodies is the rage that wants to kill and destroy. This is the energy that fuels war, violence, and hatred. Unless this energy is met head on and transformed, it will continue to pervade human consciousness.

This rage lives in your brain, your nervous system and your cells. When the pattern of rage gets triggered, it takes over and your logical thinking dissolves as your ancient brain takes charge. Until enough people clear out the ancient parts of their brains, war will continue on earth. Peace cannot come about until we change our brains and our nervous systems.

When the rage arises, go lay on the couch and fully experience how it feels in your body. Watch where your mind goes and what thoughts come up. Feel the violence flowing through your veins. Breathe into it and spin gratitude around the feelings, thoughts and experiences in your body. Thank the violence as it throbs through your body. Thank the power of the pounding rage. Thank the massive destruction and annihilation beating in your body. Thank the part that wants to kill, destroy, violate, mutilate, and torture. Thank the part that loves the rage. Thank the hatred. Thank the rage violently surging through your body.
Thank the frustration, anger, rejection, and neglect. Thank the parts of yourself you hate. Thank the parts of yourself that are so disappointing. Thank the failure. Thank the dejection. Thank the blood boiling in your veins and the rage hammering in your head. Thank all the violence inside your body. Thank your self-hatred. Thank your tight jaw. Thank the part that is set in its way – the “I’m right, you are wrong.”

Notice if there is a softening or a letting go in your body. As this opening occurs, bring in more thanks. Imagine that the thanks spins deeper into the old rage pattern, dissolving the old neural connections and patterns in your ancient brain. If you keep going further, you will burst into a new realm, the realm of expansion, light, and renewal. In this expansion, you will experience great joy, inner peace and a connection to all that is.

All change starts with you. It all starts in your body. The rage, killing, destruction and war are encoded in everyone’s body. What you do what that energy is the key. You can use the powerful rage to propel you into a blissful realm beyond your imagination, or you can use this powerful rage to continue the old pattern of war and destruction. If you continue to ignore, suppress, sublimate, or deny this energy it will continue to manifest on earth. As you thank this powerful energy it will shift, transform and radically change your life. The choice is yours, rage and war or peace and great joy.

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Dr. Cynthia Miller is a pioneer and ground breaker in the fields of cellular transformation and deep transformative change. She received a Ph.D. in the Psychology of Change and Cellular Transformation in 1985, and has spent over thirty-years as a psychotherapist and later as a consultant exploring the cellular structures of thousands of people, assisting them to live in greater health, prosperity, joy, and delight.