If you think that writing and publishing SEO articles is difficult, think again. There are techniques that you can use to simplify the process without sacrificing the amount of benefits that you'll going to get from this amazing internet marketing tool.

First step is to identify the keywords that you're going to use for your articles. This is very important. You need to target the same keywords that your potential clients are using when they're looking for information related to your products and services. Make it a habit to use keyword suggestion tools like the one from Google as this offers accurate data. You would want to target the most popular keywords.

Choose your topics. Choosing your topics will become a lot easier when you know the most searched keywords in your niche. For example, if most of your potential buyers are searching for the term "DIY make up" you'll know that they want a step-by-step guide that can empower them to apply their make up on their own. So, you may want to write an article that contains steps, tips, and techniques.

Put together informative content. Research your chosen topic before you start writing your articles. It will work to your advantage if you gather additional useful information as this will make your articles sound more authoritative. Then, write your articles with the aim to help or educate your readers. Give these people every piece of information that they need using simple terms and short sentences. Make sure not to leave them with unsolved problems or unanswered questions in their minds.

Here's how you can make your articles keyword-rich without sacrificing their quality:

Find the best, most profitable keywords to use in your articles. First step is to launch a keyword tracker to figure out the most searched terms related in your chosen niche. You would want to target those long-tail keywords and those that are very popular to your target audience. For each article, you need to have a primary keyword (PK) and at least two secondary keywords that are closely related to your PK. You're also encouraged to use other terms related to all the keywords that you're targeting.

Write your articles. Start by choosing topics based on your chosen keywords. Write with the aim to answer the questions that your readers might have. Strive to address their learning needs and write your articles in such a way that you can help these people easily understand your thoughts and ideas. Keep your articles short and very tight. Online users simply hate those articles that contain fluffs and fillers. Also, make use of bullet lists and subheads whenever possible as these can make your articles more scannable and easy on the eyes.

Choose the article marketing sites to use. Next step is to identify the best article directories to use. Use those that are highly recommended by top SEO article marketers. Personally, I would recommend goarticles, buzzle, articlealley, and EzineArticles. These sites have what it takes to give your articles enough exposure. That means, they can help you generate more traffic for your website.

Use blogs and forums. Identify the forums and blogs that are very popular to your target audience. You can also use these sites in promoting your articles. If permitted, post your articles as they are otherwise, you can just use a part of them and insert a link that will take interested parties to your blog or website where they can read the articles in their entirety

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