Most of the people use chemical cleaning products. Unfortunately, they are very harmful for their health. The bad news is that they do not know that. This article is something like message to you. When you talk with your friend about cleaning advice her to clean with green cleaning products. After that, she will tell to her friend, etc. That way you will help her save her and her friends’ health. Most of the commercial chemical-based cleaning solutions are harmful and can cause asthma and respiratory problem if not used right. To avoid the risk it is recommended to replace them with natural and environmentally-friendly homemade solvents that will help you cleaning the entire house and save you money.

If she does not know, which are green cleaning products, explain to her that she can make them by herself at home. If cannot take this information from house cleaning Sydney, I will share it with you.

Let’s start with the list of the green cleaning products:
1. Lemon juice. You can clean:
- wood furniture (just mix it with jojoba oil and a real lemon, apply the mixture);
- greasy stains (most of the times, they are on your oven);
- bleach clothes.
2. Boiling water. It helps to:
- prevent and remove clogs;
- flush and wash drains.
3. Toothpaste. It is very useful to:- clean silver jewellery;
- remove water stains from wood surfaces(apply some amount on the problematic area, let it dry and wipe the toothpaste).
4. Backing soda. It has many purposes:
- remove red wine stain from carpets;
- clean tea stains from a cup;
- make your silver to look like new (make a paste with backing soda and water, wipe the silver or the stainless steel and they will shine as never before);
- your drains are not clean enough? Add some amount in the drain and pour boiling water.
It has many other applications, but if you want to learn more ask domestic domestic cleaning Sydney.
5. Vinegar. It is the second useful agent after backing soda.
- remove mould (just spray it on the problematic area and rinse )
- wash the toilet (remove the soap and greasy stains)
- wash windows (mix it with water and apply with newspapers)
6. Salt. While cooking, you can clean some items in your kitchen
- clean your oven (spread the salt on the stained area and rinse)
- remove the rust (mic the salt with lemon juice and wait for an hour, then rinse)

I am pretty sure this article is very useful, so do not hesitate and share it with your friends.

Author's Bio: 

Izabella Hurst is a practising sociologist, philosopher and public relations specialist. She has published articles in SocialHouse Journal, and some of the biggest paper PR magazine - PRmoment and she is writing articles for end of tenancy cleaning companies, expressing her opinion about green cleaning. Her articles are always very discussed due to the provocative questions she raises. You can learn more from professional end of tenancy cleaning company that offer cheap end of tenancy cleaning services.