When you opt to send a greeting card to somebody, you’re explicitly acknowledging the fact that a physical card carries more meaning than an electronic greeting or message. This is because of the time you’ve obviously spent choosing the card, and the trouble you’ve taken to make sure it exactly fits the bill. Photo cards are often excellent in this respect, as the very best represent not just touching cards but objects of beauty that can be kept forever.

There are more occasions than ever before upon which people now feel it is not only acceptable but perhaps expected that they should send a greeting card. A few years ago, cards were perhaps sent out on people’s birthdays and anniversaries and for one off special events such as weddings and christenings. Now, however, alongside the traditional ‘family’ events such as births, engagements, weddings and bereavements, people send cards to mark moments such as a graduation from University, a new job, moving house or passing a driving test. Finding greeting cards which fits with one of this disparate range of events is often very difficult.

Despite the vast number of separate cards available in specialist card shops and stationers, it can still be extremely tricky to find an image which matches the event you’re celebrating or marking and the personality of either the person receiving the card or you yourself. Photo cards are often chosen because they seem more modern and up to date than traditional painted or drawn cards, but the same difficulties are still inherent. This is why the option of designing and ordering personalised cards is such an excellent step to take.

Digital technology means that it is now incredibly simple to use an image which you have taken yourself and turn it into a card or a whole selection of cards. There are few things in the world more touching than a card which somebody has personally made for you, and the technology involved means that it now requires no skill or experience in the field to be able to design a card which is as beautiful, funny, meaningful and apt as you want it to be.

The standard, in terms of the printing and the materials used, will be just as high as it is in cards purchased from a retailer, meaning that there is nothing amateurish or slapdash about these cards. On the contrary, by combining the most modern of technologies with traditional virtues such as originality and emotion, cards of this type will stand out clearly amongst the mass produced, run of the mill, shop bought variety. Supposing, for example, that one of your teenage relatives has just managed to pass their driving test. Any card congratulating them will be warmly received, clearly, but think of the impact that would be gained from designing a card based around a photograph of the teenager in question when they were just a toddler having fun playing on a toy plastic car.

Funny, touching and wholly original, a card like this would really gladden the heart of the recipient. The process of making a card is as simple as uploading the image in question and then making one or two easy and fun choices around such issues as the shape and size of the card and any accompanying text. After that’s been done, the ‘work’ is over, and all that remains is the satisfaction of holding your own unique, once in a lifetime card.

If you really want to send a greeting card that makes an impact, and are sick of just putting up with the poor selection of photo cards on offer in the shops, then do what would once have been the preserve of only a lucky or especially talented few – make your own.

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