Tensile membranes are used for building structures because they are versatile and cost-effective. A tensile fabric is a concrete structure under tension. By “pulling” the fabric, it is possible to make a variety of shapes. The most commonly used one is the umbrella shape. Common sites where tensile membranes are in use include Hyderabad airport, Mumbai airport, and the deer park in Himachal Pradesh.

New types of models available

We have many engineers and architects experimenting with shapes and contours so we get a wide range of complex patterns. One big advantage is that these structures need only minimum support, the tension in the member will support them more than the normal situations. You can see the various models in use by visiting the website of the tensile structure manufacturers in Delhi. It adds class to the facade of the building and helps one come up with innovative designs.

The change in the trend is towards sustainability more than functionality. This is because of the newness of the trend and the inability of building owners to see beyond the traditional designs. The idea for this kind of use of fabric can be traced back to the 16,000 years back when people used animal skins to harness the power of the wind for their boats. Emerging technology has given us more material that is lighter, stronger, and more useful. One example of this is ETFE or ethylene tetrafluoroethylene that builders use for making roofs of bus shelters and parking lots.

Use of building modules

Modular creation is not a fashion anymore but is becoming a mainstream building technique. Many builders have material and equipment stored in some other place. It is easy for them to build modules there and bring them to the building site. Once it reaches the site, it is placed in position and cemented together. This saves them effort and time. Use of tensile membranes helps build strong, high-use modules. You can check for modules from the tensile fabric structure suppliers & exporters manufacturer India for your house.

The pretensions fabric can be formed in a variety of ways. The most common use is in the form of an umbrella to provide the roofing for the entrance of buildings, over park paths, and so on. Many foreign companies like Grorich Tentsystems Pvt Ltd., Mehler and Versadage, and Ferrari have offices in India. They offer multiple choices for the use of tensile fabric. One such innovation is the use of semipermeable fabric for building facades that allow buildings to breathe.

Use of modern fabric material

More modern fabrics with modern material are seeing the light of day that would never have been used in yesteryears. Some examples are Teflon coated glass, PVC coated polyester, nylon ripstop, cotton canvas, and so on. Most commonly used material in tension fabric are PTFE coated fibreglass and PVDF coated polyester.

PVC coated polyester is highly workable and has been in use for the past twenty years in a variety of applications. It can be welded into place in a structure using high-frequency welders. It is more economical compared to PTFE coated Fibreglass fabrics. Based on use, we have two kinds - acrylic and PVDF coating. The Acrylic is coloured while PVDF is used for its anti-wicking properties.

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